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About the Artist: Jill Timm


Type of Book
Tunnel with incorporated case

Book Size
Width:  7 1/4"
Height:  5"
Depth:  3/4"

Width:  7 1/4"
Height:  5"
Depth:  6 1/2"

Peek into a winter Wyoming landscape with this unusual and enchanting tunnel book.
Slide out the cover piece, then separate the two box parts and gaze into the depths of a three-dimensional scene of a large herd of wild elk in their winter home.
Translucent sides unfold to let in the light while completing the elk’s natural environment.
Archival paper and inks are used in a digital printing process (Giclče) that produces museum quality images.
The book case is bound in a black book cloth.
This book was handcrafted and illustrated with watercolor images created by Jill Timm.
This is #25 of an edition of 50.