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About the MSU Billings Artist Book Collection

"Artists' Books: Visual Literary Expressions," an invitational international exhibit featuring forty-eight one-of-a-kind and limited edition books was curated by Connie Landis, Chair of the MSU Billings Art Department, in January and February of 2000.  Artists from the United States, New Zealand, England, and Canada created works for the exhibition. According to Ms. Landis, an artist's book is "a piece of art in itself with the structural form of a book and the content or ideas of a book interwoven to communicate the artists' message." The library has since added several more Artists' Books to the collection


What Are Artist Books?

Artists' books are not books about art; they are art expressed through book form.  When the content and form of a book are considered together, and given equal significance, the book becomes more than a simple container for information.  The goal of many book artists is to involve the reader actively in the viewing process, not only to see the words on the page, but also to think about how the words, pictures, and physical form of the object all contribute to the meaning.


~Quotation from the University of Delaware Library Special Collections

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