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Dudley White's Other Collected Material


(This collection represents the various information that Dudley collected: pamphlets, journals, newspaper clippings, photocopied articles, ledgers, art, and photos pertaining to Montana and the Northwest.)


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  • 4.0 Information that Dudley collected
  • 4.1 Hussey, Dahler, & Co., Bankers Deposit slip
  • 4.2 Con Doyle Checks 1910
  • 4.3 Miscellaneous information: inventory list for Wonderland Museum (Foote Collection), 3x5 hand drawing of a road in Yellowstone, quote on Yellowstone geysers, and book information (Lewis & Clark)
  • 4.4 Various pamphlets & article excerpts:

Folder 1: The Reno Court of Inquiry, Letters from the Big Hole, & Variations on a Minor Them: Some controversial problems of the Custer fight by Edgar I. Stewart from The Montana Magazine of History (Signed to Dudley) – 1952, Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane by Herself, Our Mural: the Yellowstone Bank – 1951, The Louisiana Purchase by Frank Bond – 1952, Chief Fire Cloud by D.F. Barry, A Year in Montana – 1866, The Range Men: 1910-1913, pages 431-446


Folder 2: A Pioneer’s Trip across the Plains by A. J. Countryman, Her Majesty Montana: Highlights in the history of a state fifty years old in 1939, How Old are Fossils? by Sharat K. Roy – 1927, Wells Fargo, Lincoln as I Saw Him by William A. Croffut (Signed by Burdick: intro) – 1943, A Tribute to Abraham Lincoln by Ignatius Donnelly (Signed by Burdick: intro) - 1941


Folder 3: The Story All American Indian Days – 1954, Flyer(2): All American Indian Days: An Inter-racial project in human relations: Third annual Miss (Indian) America contest – 1955, The Death of Dulhut by William McLennan from Royal Society of Canada- 1903, Manitou: Colorado by W.H. Lawrence & co. Publishers, Booksellers, and Stationers, A Harrowing Experience: Truthful James & General Custe: How famous scout escaped massacre by The Author, Dux Femina Facti: Sacajawea Statue Association, Treasures of the West: The Montana territorial centennial train world’s fair exhibit, The Land of the Dakotahs by Wallis Huidekoper


Folder 4: Nature’s Woodland Wonders by Glen P. Burns, Ration Deposit slip: Unites States of America: Office of Price Administration: Roasted Coffee Credits, Photocopy of The Range Men: The Future, pages 447-462, Constitution and By-Laws of the Stillwater Telephone Company – 1906, Constitution and By-Laws Stillwater County Cattlemen’s Association – 1930 (2), Farmers at the Crossroads: Ezra Taft Benson – 1956, 1884 Round-Ups of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association by William C. Irvine, President


Folder 5: Philistine: A periodical of protest – 1904, National Encampment, U.V.U.: War concert at Harper’s Theatre – 1898, Schedule Northwest History Conference, 7th Annual Northwest History Conference – 1954, Program Dedication of the Museum Administration Building: Custer Battlefield National Monument – 1952, Denver Posse of The Westerners: A brief outline of its origin, purpose and activities – 1952,The Search for Knowledge is Never Ending: Seventy-three years of Progress: “College of the open door:” Rocky Mountain College – Billings, Montana, World’s Columbia Exposition (ticket), Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company: Telegraphic train order No. 38


Folder 6: Territory of Montana: Territorial Warrant – 1886 (for killing a bear)


Folder 7: Speech of Hon. Jos. K. Toole in the House of Representatives – 1886, excerpt: In the Senate of the United States: Report No. 2695 (pages 1-8), (2 copies) Farm Progress and the Family Farm: An address by congressman Wright Patman of Texas in the House of Representatives – 1954, Hearings before the Subcommittee on Mines and Mining of the Committee on Public Lands House of Representatives – 1948


Folder 8: Compilation showing Progress and Status of the Defense Minerals Production Program – 1952, Relief of Certain Settlers on the Military Reservation of Fort Bridger, Wyoming: Report No. 521(loose leaf), Protection of Citizens of Montana: Memorial of the Legislature of Montana Territory: Misc. Doc. No. 151 (loose leaf), Stillwater County Report of Valuation of Property for Assessment Purposes – 1919


Folder 9: Points of Historic Interest in the National Capital: For the second inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt as President of the United States, Washington, January 20, 1937, (flyer) Last Chance Gulch Tour: Helena Montana, The Great Sanitarium of North America, Hunter’s Hot Sulphur Springs, Montana – 1883, North Platte, Nebraska, Gallatin National Forest: Northern Region – map, 1952, Idyl to Sentinel Butte by Lewis R. Crawford, Montana: The treasure state: published by Montanans, incorporated, Helena Montana (map), Yellowtail and Hardin Units Montana: Lower Big Horn division, Missouri river basin project – 1949, Columbia Highway: Portland, Oregon, Seeing Lincoln by Anne Longman, Welcome to Nebraska – (map)1941


Folder 10: (mostly flyers in this folder) Gates of the Mountains Wild Area: Missouri river and Meriwether canyons: 60 minutes from Helena, Historical Map of Gallatin County, Welcome to Montana’s State Capital Building, Pompey’s Pillar Monument Park, Fort Laramie National Monument, Wyoming, Come to Montana: Land of legend and Promise (comic book style), Montana : the Treasurer State: Helena, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota, Legend of the Devil’s Tower – 1953 (signed with notes, 3 copies), Rocky Mountain Views on the Rio Grande­ – 1946


Folder 11: Montana’s Greatest Cowboy Artist Charles Marion Russell (subscription ad for Montana Magazine of History), The Charles M. Russell Room (Historical Society of Montana, 2 copies), History of Transportation in the Early West by Charles M. Russell, Sporting Life, Anatole France, Western Notes, Topical Outline to accompany Robinson’s brief History of South Dakota by Kathryn M. French, Diamond S Ranch Hotel (brochure), See it . . . Montana’s History and Art Now . . on Display in $800,00.00, The Montana Magazine of History (brochure), Note card: State House: Cor. K and 10th Streets, The Best Family Hotel in the City, New York Central Railroad from Albany and Troy to Buffalo (loose leaf), An invitation to “Russell Statue Fund”




Folder 12: Montana Maps - Pulvers Official Highway Map of Montana, Montana 1935 Highway Map, Billings Montana: In the Mountain Country, Montana Highway Map 1949, Montana 1969 (At the sign of Chevron), Miracle fold road map: Montana Wyoming 1950? (Mobilgas), Montana Centennial Highway Map: Hittin’ the High Spots in Montana 1989-1990, Montana: United States Department of Interior, Geological Survey: July 1953, Gallatin National Forest Montana: 1952,


Folder 13: Fort Peck, Railway guides and time schedules, MT. guide, and miscellaneous: Fort Peck Dam and Reservoir: Fort Peck, Montana 1962, Fort Peck Dam: Glasgow Entrance City: Fort Peck Project City, The Milwaukee Road: Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific: May – June 1940, Northern Pacific: 2000 Miles of Scenic Beauty, Glacier National Park: Great Northern Railway, See America First, Golden Gail’s Guide: A complete reference book for the tourist, covering: Beartooth Mountains, Custer Absaroka Shoshone National Forest Region, Historic Crow and Cheyenne Indian Country (where the west was won), Billings ( crossroads of the northwest), 1936 Highway map, Montana Story 1864- 1964: June 9-14 Billings, Postcard: 1st Ave. North Billings, MT, The Trail Lewis and Clark 1804-1806


Folder 14: Western Live Stock Journal: vol. 1, no. 4, April 1920 and vol.1, no. 3, March 1920


Folder 15: Montana Stockgrower Journal: vol. 26, no. 9, September 15, 1954, Helena: MT, vol. 26, no. 8, August 15, 1954, Helena: MT, and vol. 20, no. 11, November 15, 1948, Helena: MT


Folder 16: Westerns Brand Book: New York Posse: vol. 1, no. 2, Spring 1954, vol. 2, no. 3, 1955, vol. 2, no. 4, 1955, vol. 3, no. 3, 1956, vol. 3, no. 4, 1956, and vol. 13, no. 10, December 1956


Folder 17: Miscellaneous Journals: Arizona Highways, vol. 25, no. 11, November 1949, Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona Highways, 26, no. 9, September 1950, Phoenix, Arizona, Burdick’s Magazine, February 1936, Bismarck: North Dakota, Burdick’s Magazine, vol. L, no. 4, January 1936, Bismarck: North Dakota, Hoofs and Horns, vol. 21, no. 6, December 1951, Tucson: Arizona, Living Wilderness, vol. 15, no. 34, Autumn 1950, Washington, D.C., Mentor, vol. 16, no. 8, serial no. 307, September 1928, Springfield: Ohio,


Folder 18: Miscellaneous journals continued: Montana in Rotogravure, 1930, Butte: Montana , Northern Lights, vol. 9, no. 4, December 1950, Flin Flon: Manitoba, Over the Mountain Trials: In Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park, Rocky Mountain Magazine: an illustrated monthly, vol. 1, no. 3, November 1900, Butte: MT, Stanolind Record, vol. 12, no. 3, January 1931, Billings Edition, West Shore, vol. 9, no. 89, April 1883, Portland: Oregon


Folder 19: 1948 Trail’s End Pub. Co. – Charles M. Russell prints


Folder 20: Transcribed historical articles: Dear Brother from Tabby Brown; Council held with the Blackfeet and Allied tribes at the mouth of the Judith River, October 1855; Record of engagements with hostile Indians within the military division of the Missouri, from 1868 to 1882, Lieutenant General P.H. Sheridan, commanding. Compiled from Official Records; Office of United States Indian Agent – Crow Agency, Montana March 9th, 1879; From Helena Weekly Herald, May 20, 1880 – Down the Yellowstone; (Billings) the Post, July 10, 1884, p4; Helena Weekly Herald, September 18, 1884, p.7, c.6; Horace Countryman – four different writings; The following is a letter from one of Montana’s first United States Senator serving four year term – April 24th, 1890; McCormick Family – Paul McCormick, House Resolution - January 26, 1921, Early Trading Post, Why and when his hair turned white; St. Ignatius Post, January 30, 1925, p.10; Columbus News, June 20, 1929; Indians; Mouat is Mayor of town that exhists in spirit only: Old Nye City being revived; Talk given by Paul McCormick, Jr. to members of Yellowstone Historical Society, July 8, 1951; Talk given by Paul McCormick, Jr. to members of Yellowstone Historical Society at site of Old Fort Pease, July 8, 1951; The following was sent me by Dudley White May 16, 1952, given to him by the librarian of Columbus; No one ever saw Fort Parker on Mission Creek; Columbus News June 20, 1929 – Item copied from the Billings Herald June 16, 1884; A colorful rancher – How Teddy Roosevelt won the respect of pioneer cattlemen; George Mushbach of Missoula; White Swan, Crow Scout with General Custer; W.H. Banfill; Ansel S. Hubble


Folder 21: Transcribed historical articles: A pioneer’s trip across the plains by A.J. Countryman, Moville, Iowa; Executions by Vigilantes in Montana; Poem (no title or author); Chief Crazy Horse; Homes and food in early Nebraska; Nebraska’s State Banner; Nebraska’s State Bird; Nebraska’s State Flower; Nebraska’s State Seal; The Sioux Nation; The Lewis and Clark Expedition leaves its mark on Sioux city; Floyd Monument; Happy Jack Aldrich; J.M. Lyons; Matt W. Alderson poem; Mission Creek Park Co. Absaroka National Forest tributary to Yellowstone River; Helena – Last Chance Gulch and Hunter’s Hot Spring




Folder 22: Transcribed historical articles: Inscription on W.W. De Lacy map of territory, 1866; Yellowstone Journal May 15, 1880, p.1, c.4 – Special correspondent Yellowstone Journal – Young’s Point, M.T. May 5; James E. Callaway; Bill Nye’s resignation as Postmaster at Laramie, Wyoming; Finch R. Brown – An old Park city Indian battle fought in Hailstone Basin; Joseph Brown Matthews; Jim Bridger’s rifle; Office of United States Indian Agent, Crow Agency Montana March 9th, 1979 – My dear Eliza – A.R. Keller; D.A. Morrison, Pioneer, Passes in Whitehall; The Medicine Wheel, from Trailing the Campfires by Elza Spear Edwards; Memorandum respecting the painting of “Custer’s Last Fight;” The Montana Frontier by Merrill G. Burlingame, chapter XIII; Bulletin Number Five, National Speleological Society, October, 1943, p. 17-20; Published notes on Hosmer’s trip to the states; The Wi-Iyohi, March 1, 1954, p.3 – Two moons; Calamity Jane – notes takes at Historical Society meeting March 7, 1955; Definitions; A gentleman horse thief by Col. Wallis Huidekoper; The Ballad of South Pass Pete by Harry Sinclair Drago from the Westerners; Pioneer life on the plains supposedly the handwriting of Phrene Brown Pringle; Table distance over the Bozeman Trail part of George W. Fox diary; Comment on a fable by Lew L. Callaway; Excerpt from AB-SA-RA-KA , the Land of Massacre by Carrington; Historical Contributions Vol. 2, p. 230; Culbertson, Major Alexander; California got its name; Copy of original Vigilante oath , regulations and by-laws; Copy of letter in the S.T. Hauser Collection in reference to W.W. De Lacy map


Folder 23: Stock Certificates 1899- 1946: Parrot Silver and Copper Company, North Butte Mining Company, Farmers Union Trading Company, the Anaconda Company, Schrock Oil Company


Folder 24: Homesteading in the Limestone Area, Stillwater County by Delbert R. Peterson – an interview of Dudley White


Folder 25: Newspaper clippings – “Historian dies at Columbus,” obituary, Eastern College gaining Dudley’s collection


Folder 26: Wrenn’s blotting papers


Folder 27: Wrenn’s blotting papers


Folder 28: Label samples


Folder 29: Label samples


Folder 30: Dudley White Inventory of 1979


Folder 31: Colorado Experiences – author unknown


Folder 32: Diary for 1914 - unknown




5 .0 Ledgers

5.1 Journal 1926-1949: Diary of farmer (?) including listing of deaths

5.2 Montana Publishing Co.’s First Subscription Register

5.3 Ledger Bannack Montana 1885




5.4 Ledger 1885-1897: Montana Mercantile Co, Dillon, Mt one of the main entries

5.5 Loose leaves: Virginia City 1865 daybook/journal

5.6 Loose leaves: Virginia City 1865 daybook (incomplete)

5.7 Loose leaves: Virginia City 1866-1867

5.8 County Recorder 1864

5.9 S. L. Meddaugh Diary 1876 – copy

5.10 Loose leaves: Collections and deposits of gold dust (?) 1865-1867

5.11 Loose leaves: daybook 1864

5.12 Loose leaves: daybook 1866 of grocery store (?)

5.13 Loose leaves: Gold dust records of 1880’s

5.14 F.L. Graves: two red bound daybooks 1877-1886, 1874-1876


Box 9


5.15 Helena Business Records 1866-1868


Box 10


5.16 Passenger register from Virginia City to Corinne & Helena to Virginia City, 1871-1872 [stage coach records]

5.17 Passenger register from Virginia City to Corinne & Helena to Virginia City, 1873, loose pages of Virginia City to Franklin, 1877 [stage coach records]


Box 11


5.18 Passenger register from Virginia City to Dillon & Helena to Virginia City, 1880-1881[stage coach records]

5.19 Passenger register from Virginia City to Dillon & Helena to Virginia City, 1881[stage coach records]

5.20 Passenger register from Virginia City to Red Rock, Helena to Virginia City, & Virginia City to Dillon, 1880 [stage coach records]




5.21 Passenger records from Virginia City to Eagle Rock & Virginia City to Camas, 1879 [stage coach records]

5.22 Passenger records from Virginia City to Beaver Canon & Virginia City to Red Rock, 1880 [stage coach records]


Box 13


5.23 Virginia City 1866, “Dr.” 1865

5.24 E. Crighton &Co. Commercial Business, 1867-1868, Virginia City


Box 14


5.25 Carey & O’Brien 1869 [Virginia City, grocer]


Box 15


5.26 Dr. Jno D. Thompson 1879, Bannack, MT

5.27 Bannack, MT, 1881-84 [invoice book at Junction T.T.]


Box 16


5.28 Invoice Book, 1880-85, Bannack, MT [grocer]

5.29 Bannack, MT, 1878-98 [grocer]


Box 17


5.30 Women’s Christian Temperance Union, Billings, MT

5.30.1 Meeting minutes 1922-24

5.30.2 Meeting minutes 1925

5.30.3 Meeting minutes 1926-29

5.30.4 Meeting minutes 1929-34


Items not found within archival boxes:


Newspaper clippings: one box labeled “Mrs. Snyder’s Home Made Candies,” and 2 brown boxes


Scrap book of cut-out pictures and stamps (within blue and white archival box)


44 postcards with nothing written on the back, 34 postcards with writing on them, 6 postcard books (within manila folder)


Gray small archival box - Dudley’s baby shoes, hair lockets: Dudley and Frank-age 3 & 4, Small - New Testament from Dudley’s mother, given to him on March 12, 1899


The Stanley Dry Plate – Chris Yeggen house and garden


Stereoscope and stereoscopic photographs: Keystone View Co., J.A. Pierce & Co. – Ruins of Chicago, a few labeled “White” on the back, a numbered series with descriptions of the photos on backside (within a Green Munsing Wear box)


20 cigar boxes - loose photos plus several folders, one manila envelope, and three small, and one large archival box (Partially organized, still working on)


Miscellaneous loose Books: Dr. Martin Luther’s Werte – 1826, Die Heilige Schrift Reunen Teftaments – 1769, Voyage to the Eastern Seas – 1827


Barry, David original photos (30), 73 Barry’s altogether


Bodmer prints (7)


Catlin plates


Huffman Photos (9)


James drawings (3)


Mc Kay photos (2)


“Maiden Montana”


L. H. Reedy watercolors (12)


E.T. Seton paintings (9)


Karl Bodmer prints (7)


Catlin plates


Thomas Moran prints (5)


Fredric Remington prints (25)


JK Ralston prints (4)


U.S.P.R.R. Exp. Survey lithographs – 74


David Barry 30 original, 73 altogether


Huffman photos (9)


Mc Kay photos (2)


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