Finding Materials

    Most  books within Special Collections can be found within the Library's Catalog. Patrons can search by author, title, or subject to locate the desired materials. For books not yet listed in the Library's Catalog, a card shelf list is maintained within the Special Collections area. Some of the smaller collections like the Bair-Collins Coal Association or the J.K. Ralston Collection are housed within the Special Collections with their own finding aids located next to the collection.  They are not listed within the Library Catalog.  For a complete listing of all collections  and questions about policies please contact Eileen Wright, or Jane Howell - Library Director  at

    In addition to searching the Library's Catalog patrons may want to view A Partial List of Archive Materials in Billings, Montana, March 1999. This list is not meant to be comprehensive or complete and has not been updated since publication. However, patrons can view the types of items not usually listed in library catalogs (for example, manuscripts and photographs).

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Last Updated: January 2004