Terry C. Johnston Book Collection

Terry C. Johnston books can be searched for in the library catalog They will have the location of "Special-TJ" and "Special Collections Terry C. Johnston - MSU-Billings."   The library records show several local notes pertaining to his book collection such as 1) autographed by Terry C. Johnston 2) imprinted with Terry C. Johnston's seal 3) annotations by Terry C. Johnston 4) autographed by author and 5) added subject term which Terry assigned to a book.  His collection contains books within the subject areas of Apaches, Cheyenne, Crow, Nez Perce, Sioux, Indian Wars, Custer, and an extensive collection on Fur Trade.  Below is a small sampling of books within the collection.


Journal of a Trapper

 Custer on the Little Bighorn

   A Creek called Wounded Knee

 This Reckless Breed of Men

Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Conditions of the North American Indians

Ewing Young Master Trapper
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