Bruce Meyers Collection

Finding aid

Processed by: EW

Date Completed: 5-15-2008

Location: Special Collections

8 linear feet


Biographical sketch:


Bruce Kemp Meyers was an English Professor for Montana State University Billings which spanned more than a quarter of century.  He conducted many conferences, workshops on writing of poetry and prose.  He was also a public figure by being an accomplished actor.  He starred in more than 3,000 performances of nearly 50 productions in a 16-year period.  Bruce Kemp Meyers Memorial Garden and Poets’ Corner located on the MSU Billings campus was dedicated to him for his commitment to the University community and Billings.  President Carter noted that, “the Bruce Meyers Sculpture Garden will be a lasting memorial to an outstanding person, a teacher, poet, and actor.  His life represented what can be achieved given the chance to think and to write.  The garden will be a living tribute to a wonderful person who touched the lives of thousands of students, colleagues, and friends.  His inspiration will continue to be self in this garden” (Hart, p. 195).


Hart, S. (2002). Yellow-stone & Blue: The first 75 years. Billings, MT: Montana State University Billings. 

Additional information came from: Meyers, B.K. (1992). Ventriloquist in the rain. Cody, WY: ConAmore Publishing. 

Scope & contents:

  Fox Committee records, memorial tribute, and memorabilia from acting career including playbills, slides, photos, and scrapbooks. The date ranges from 1967-1992.  This collection is in relation to accession record 2003.02 (University Archives), & 2005.01 (N.C. Abbott Collection).

Arrangement of Collection:

Christene Meyers had organized the collection into various binders with titles.  There were two boxes that contained loose papers and scrapbooks.  One box was labeled Fox Committee Records.


Bruce Meyer collection is open to all students, faculty and researchers.  The items will not circulate, but they may be viewed within the special collection area.  The Archivist will determine whether the items can be photocopied.  The condition and origin of item will help determine whether it can be photocopied along with following the guidelines of the copyright act. 

Organization of Collection:

            The collection was organized based on Christene Meyer’s arrangement.  The collection is housed within 6 file folder style boxes, and the scrapbooks are housed within an additional 4 flat style boxes. It is all housed within Special Collections area.  The collected records are organized into the following sections:

            Letters of Condolence

            Photographs, clippings, reviews, travel pictures, April 5 tribute

            Bruce’s Theatre Advances: previews, covers 1967-1991 from Brigadoon to Anything goes (scrapbook)

            Fox Committee Records

            Bruce Meyers Garden, Book Reaction

            Bruce on the Boards: reviews. Programs, clips 1976 – 1992.


Container listing:


1.0 Letters of Condolence

            1.1 Good friends, and arts and theatre community

                        1.1.1 Good friends

                        1.1.2 Arts & theatre community

                        1.1.3 Miscellaneous

            1.2 Letters regarding memorial fund & reaction to April 5 tribute

                        1.2.1 Memorials

                        1.2.2 Tribute & beyond

                        1.2.3 Miscellaneous


            1.3 Business, travel, and professional contacts

                        1.3.1 Community/Biz

                        1.3.2 Miscellaneous

            1.4 Students, Bruce and Christene Colleagues

                        1.4.1 B’s students

                        1.4.2 B’s colleagues

                        1.4.3 C’s colleagues

            1.5 Family, old friends, and current neighbors

                        1.5.1 Family


                        1.5.2 Old friends & neighbors

                        1.5.3 Miscellaneous

            1.6 Miscellaneous

2.0 Photograph, clippings, reviews, travel pictures, April 5 Tribute

            2.1 Bruce’s tribute

                        2.1.1 EMC tribute

                        2.1.2 Bruce – theatre dedication

                        2.1.3 Miscellaneous

            2.2 Brewster at the MAC: Bruce Meyers at his Macintosh graphics, classes, notes & more

                        2.2.1 Miscellaneous

            2.3 Ventriloquist in the Rain (photocopy)

            2.4 EMC Foundation Faculty achievement Award Community Service

            2.5 Pre-operation & postscripts: cookie journal: 1974-75


            2.6 Playbills

            2.7 Pismo

            2.8 E.M.C. items

                        2.8.1 Alkali Flats: vol. 1-4

            2.9 Precious Bruce documents

            2.10   Newspaper clippings     

            2.11 Miscellaneous

BOX 5 (flat)

3.0 Bruce’s Theatre Advances: Previews, covers 1967-1991 from Brigadoon’ to Anything Goes’ (scrapbook)


4.0 Fox Committee Records

            4.1 Fox Committee

            4.2 Playbills

            4.3 1979 July A.C.T

            4.4 Fox Acquisition Committee

            4.5 Slides, Photos, & negatives


            4.6 Newspaper clippings

            4.7 Fox Committee “Test Tape”

BOX 8 & 9 (flat)

            4.8 Scrapbooks

BOX 7 continued

5.0 Bruce Meyers Garden, Book Reaction

6.0 Ventriloquist in the Rain

BOX 10

7.0 Bruce on the Boards” Reviews, programs, clips 1976-1992


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