Rules for Use of Materials

Hours: The Archives are available by appointment, and the Archivist will retrieve the materials. 

Registration: Please complete an entry within the Archives log book requesting the item you wish to view, and have current photo identification ready to present. 

Eating and Drinking is not allowed within Special Collections area. 

Handling of Materials: Materials must be handled with care


1.      Mark on material or erase existing marks.

2.      Write notes in or on materials

3.      Fold, tear, or cut materials

4.      Make tracings or rubbings

5.      Rest books or other objects on top of materials

6.      Touch face of materials, if edges can be used to handle the material

7.      Apply paperclips, tape, post it notes or rubber bands to material

Maintaining Original Order of University Archives: It is important to maintain the original order of the record series/boxes. 

1.      Only one record series/box is allowed at one time

2.      Use one folder at a time from the box

3.      Maintain the existing order of record series/box. If there is any doubt as to order, please let Archivist help place the folder back within the box.

Circulation:  Materials in the Special Collections will not be loaned or circulated to other libraries or individuals.  The materials must remain in the Special Collections area. 

Reproduction: The Archivist will determine whether the item can be photocopied.  The condition and origin of item will help determine whether it can be photocopied along with following the guidelines of the copyright act.


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Last Updated: January 2004