Junior Jackets

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Junior Jackets?

Junior Jackets is a new program through MSU Billings designed to promote family friendly events sponsored by the University. These events are geared toward students, faculty and staff with children or younger siblings. A wide variety of events will be offered throughout the year for families to attend at little to no cost. 


Who can attend?


Junior Jackets events are open to families of MSUB students, faculty and staff. Many of the events are also open to the public. We welcome those of all backgrounds to join us for the fun! 


What are the age requirements?


There are no age requirements. All ages are welcome to attend the events.


Do I need to stay with my child during the event?


We ask that all children be accompanied by an adult during the duration of the events. Junior Jackets events are meant to include all members of the family so we would love for you to enjoy the event as well. 


How do we know when there is a Junior Jackets event?


Events for Junior Jackets will be posted on the website as well as the MSUB Master Calendar page. All promotional materials and posters for Junior Jackets events will include the logo. If you would like to receive the occasional email update on Junior Jackets events, please email studentactivities@msubillings.edu.


What is the admission fee? Do I have to register in advance?


Most Junior Jackets events are free and open to the public. If there is a fee associated with the event, it will be publicized. Currently, registration is not required for any events. 


Where can I find out more about Junior Jackets?


For more information please visit the Junior Jackets website. You may also call the MSUB Student Union and Events Office at 406-657-2387 or email us at studentactivities@msubillings.edu.


How do I get my event approved by Junior Jackets?


To get your even approved for Junior Jackets and added to the calendar, call the MSUB Student Union and Events Office at 406-657-2387 or email us at studentactivities@msubillings.edu.


Can I volunteer during Junior Jacket events?


Please contact us at studentactivities@msubillings.edu if you would like to get more involved in the Junior Jackets program. We are always looking for volunteers and extra help at our events. 


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