Schedule a WebEx Meeting

To schedule a WebEx meeting:

  1. Log into your WebEx account via the appropriate portal. 

  2. Click the "Meeting Center" tab and then click "Schedule a Meeting" under the "Host a Meeting" section of the left navigation menu. 
Meeting Center on Navbar

Host Meeting Menu

3. Enter a Meeting Topic. The meeting password will automatically generate but you may create your own.

Meeting Setup Screen

4. Enter a date, time, and duration for your meeting. If the meeting runs long, it will remain open until the host leaves or ends the meeting.

5. Enter the email addresses of the meeting attendees who'll be able to join via an email link. They can also join by visiting our WebEx page and entering the 9 digit meeting number. Note: Attendees are not required to log in to join a meeting.

6. Check "Send a Copy of Invitation to Me" to have a copy of the email invitation sent to your MSUB email. You may need to forward it later.


7. Click "Schedule Meeting" to finalize the process.


8. If you'd like to start the meeting early, return to the Meeting Center and click the "Start" button to enter the meeting.

Scheduled Meeting Confirmation


Scheduling a Meeting on Behalf of Someone Else

Delegation allows one WebEx user to become a delegate for another WebEx user for the purposes of scheduling meetings on one's behalf. This is a two step process that involves some action from both users.

  • The person being scheduled on behalf of needs to add the scheduler as a delegate
  • The person scheduling the meeting can then choose to schedule on behalf of him/her

Adding a delegate


Add a delegate to WebEx if you plan on having an assistant or someone else handle the scheduling of your WebEx meetings or Events

  1. Log into the WebEx portal.
  2. Click the My WebEx tab.
  3. Click My Profile on the left hand side.
  4. Click on Preferences on the right hand side.
  5. Expand Scheduling Options.
  6. In the Scheduling Permission section type the email address of the person whom you'd like to be able to setup meetings on your behalf and then click Save.

Creating a meeting on behalf of another person 

  1. Log into the WebEx portal.
  2. Click the Meeting Center tab.
  3. Click on Schedule a Meeting on the left hand side.
  4. Click the Advanced Scheduler link in the middle of the screen.
  5. In the dropdown box labeled: Schedule For:, choose the person you'd like to schedule a meeting for
  6. Proceed with the meeting setup as normal

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