Recording a WebEx Meeting

Key Points

  • Usually only the host or presenter can record meetings
  • Recordings are stored on the WebEx portal under Meeting Center tab and then "My Recorded Meetings" under the Host a meeting Heading. 
  • Recordings can be downloaded and played using the web browser or the WebEx Network Player (for older recordings).

Recording a Meeting in Progress


To record a WebEx meeting:


1) After the meeting has been started, click the red "Record" button on the top left of the screen.


record button in webex window


During recording, you will see a status message in the lower left.




2) Press "Stop" to stop and save your recording.


3) Your meeting will show in My Recorded Meetings section of the Meeting Center after a few minutes.


My Recorded Meetings in sidebar


Download WebEx Recordings


To download your WebEx recordings for offline viewing or importing into another application like D2L:


1) Log into the WebEx portal. 


2) Click the Meeting Center tab and then My Recorded Meetings below the Host a Meeting heading. 


3) Click the "..." button on the right side of your recording and click Download. 


Download WebEx Recordings


4) Save the file to your desired location. 


5) Once the file has been downloaded, you can delete the recording from your Meeting Center by clicking the "..." button next to your recording and clicking Delete.  


Playing and Converting Your Recordings


You can play recordings directly from the website in My Recorded Meetings or from downloaded meetings. To play from the website directly, click the play button to the right of the recording.



You can also click the envelope icon to email a link to the recording. Emailing does NOT send the recording file itself.


If the recording is in the old ARF format, please see the section below on how to install the Network Player and how to convert the file to MP4.


Installing the WebEx Player


To play or convert legacy saved recordings, first install the Network Recording Player:

1) From within your WebEx portal, click the Meeting Center tab and then Downloads.


2) Expand Recording and Playback heading and then click on the Recording and Playback link. 


recording and playback link in Downloads


3) Click the Download link for Windows or Mac in the "for .ARF" column.


Arf player download links


4) Choose to "Save" the "nbr2player" file when prompted, then locate the file and run it from its folder.



installer in downloads folder


5) The installation wizard will open, click Next to begin.

6) Enter your information, click Next. On the following screen, choose Complete and then Next.





7) On the next screen, click Install. Click Finish after it completes installation.


To convert your recording to a standard video format (mp4), it must be saved on your computer first. Download the recording following the instructions above in the Download WebEx Recordings section. 


To convert the file:


1) Locate the downloaded "ARF" file on your computer and double-click to open it. This launches the Network Recording Player.


2) Click File and  then Convert Format.



3) It will prompt you to install the Conversion tool. It is a one-time installation. You may be prompted to log in.




As shown, enter "" for Site URL and your Net ID if it is not already filled in.




4) Click "continue" when the installation is complete




5) That will take you to conversion options. "Panels" will control which parts of the WebEx window are in the resulting video. Click "OK" when you've selected the options you need.




6) The video will be stored in the folder you specified in "Save as" near the top. Depending on the recording length and Quality setting, it may take several minutes. 


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