Running a WebEx Meeting

Meeting Audio

When your meeting begins, you must first choose an audio source. If you have a computer microphone and speakers or headphones, you can choose "Call using Computer". Note: You must have a consistent and reliable internet connection to for this to work correctly.


To test the audio, click "..." or "More" on the bottom of the Connect Audio button.


Computer Audio Settings Menu

  • This will display two volume meters and sliders. The top is output volume for your speakers, the second is input volume meter and slider for your microphone. When sound is played or received, it will light up the meter bars for "Speaker" and "Microphone", respectively.
  • To use a standard telephone for audio, choose either the "Call Me" or "I Will Call In" options. "Call Me" will have you input a phone to call you at while "I Will Call In" will provide a phone number for you to call.

Invite Additional Attendees

To invite additional people to the meeting, click "Invite & Remind", enter the email address(es) of invitees and click "Send". Send will not light up unless there is at least one valid email address entered.


Invite and Remind Menu

Screen Sharing

To show your screen to participants, click "Share Screen". The meeting center window disappears and the controls for the meeting move to a toolbar at the top of your screen.


Alternate Location Toolbar while Sharing Screen

To stop sharing your screen, click "Stop Sharing" on the top toolbar.



Once the screen is shared, you can use the "Annotate" button to markup your screen. The annotate toolbar appears to the left, you can create shapes, text, or draw freehand.


Annotating Screen Host's View

While shared participants will see your screen inside the WebEx window. Webex controls and non-shared applications the host sees will be visible as a grey-patterned section, like the horizontal bar near the top of the following image. They can return to the standard view by clicking on the "Quick Start" tab at the top.

Annotating Screen Participant View


Meeting Controls

The Participants window in the upper right allows you to toggle video, mute, and set the presenter of the meeting.


Participant Menu Diagram


To start a live video feed, the host or participants can click the camera icon to the right of their name. Your feed will show in the lower right corner. Press the camera button to stop the video if needed.

Live Video Example


End a Meeting

To end the meeting, click the Leave Room button.


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