Installing WebEx Components

WebEx requires software to be installed prior to participating in a WebEx meeting. This software can be installed beforehand or at the time of your meeting.


To install the software beforehand:


1. Log into your WebEx account and click the "Meeting Center" tab on the top of the screen and then click the "Start Meeting" button to start a test meeting.


My Personal Room Menu

2. If you have never used WebEx on your computer before, you will be prompted to install software.

    • Windows Installation Steps: Click the "Download and Agree" button. You may be prompted to "Run or Save" the file, usually you can choose "Run".
Download and Agree Prompt

Download Prompt Internet Explorer

    • Mac Installation Steps: After you download the package, it will be saved in a folder on the computer. You will need to open the folder and double-click on the file inside to start the installation.
Apple Download and Install Window

Install Folder Icon

Installer in Folder

3. After the package is installed you will briefly see a "Starting Webex" screen.


WebEx Wait Screen

4. Your personal meeting room will open now. This confirms you've installed the necessary software for future use. Note: If you use another browser or computer, you may be prompted to download and install the software again.


5. Leave the meeting room when finished.

Leave Room Button

  • Mobiles and Tablets only: Tablets and mobile phones running Android or iOS (like iPads) require installation of the Cisco WebEx app from the relevant app store.

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