Embed Box Documents

Box Embed is a robust technology that allows Box customers to embed the full Box experience to any website. With features like preview, file uploading, real time updates, editing, commenting and collaborator management, the technology lets users collaborate on centralized content, regardless of where they work.


To create a widget: 


1. Click on More Options (...) to the right of the file name.


2. Under More Action, select Embed Widget 


Box Embed


3. You will be presented with a window which includes the HTML iframe code for your new widget as well as options to adjust the size, sort options, and default view type. You can also preview your embedded folder by clicking Preview button.


Box Embed Options


4. When you have finished customizing, copy the HTML code in the Embed Code field and paste the code into any website or page that supports embedded code, and your widget will be published.


5. As you add new files to the folder associated with that widget, the new files will appear in your widget automatically.


Box Embed


Note: Individual files can also be embedded in the same manner.


Box Embed


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