Box Drive

Box Drive is the easiest and fastest way to connect to Box without changing the way you work. Files in Box Drive look and feel like that of a network share drive but provide added features including anywhere access, external collaboration, self-service permissions, unlimited storage, search and version control.


Box Drive puts a Box icon on your computer which shows you the folders you have in Box regardless of if they’re your own folders or folders that have been shared with you. You can then work with the folders/files locally on your computer as if you were using your My Documents folder or a network share. The data is then automatically sync’d with Box so it can be retrieved from your other devices while providing all the additional benefits of Box (see below).


 Box Drive Icon


How to Download Box Drive

From within Box:


1)      Click your initials or image in the top right corner of the screen and click Apps.


 Step 1


2)      In the search box at the top of the screen, enter Box Drive and click Enter.


 Step 2


3)      Click Box Drive.


Step 3 

4)      Click the here link next to your computer version:


 Step 4


5)      Click run when prompted or open the download and begin the installation.


The download files and more information can also be found at


Box Drive vs Box Sync


Box Drive and Box Sync have similar functionally but a couple keys differences:


1) Box Drive shows you everything you have in Box. Box Sync only downloads what you specify.


2) Box Drive shows you everything you have in Box but doesn't download the files to your computer until you open it the first time. This saves on disk space while giving you access to all your files.  Box Sync downloads everything specified to your computer.


3) Since Box Drive only downloads files when you open them, if you do not have an internet connection and have not previously opened the file, the file will be inaccessible until you get an internet connection. As Box Sync downloads everything, all files are available even without an internet connection. This feature is coming to Box Drive but is not currently available.


4) Box Drive has built in search functionality. Box Sync does not.


End-User Functionality:

  Box Drive Box Sync
Search & view all the content in your Box account (including read-only)   

Upload content to any Box folder/ Open files from any Box folder

Lock content for editing  
Mark content for offline access  
Create and retrieve a Shared link
Change the location of the Box folder on your computer  


Important: You should not have both Box Drive and Box Sync installed simultaneously!