Manage Activities

Manage Activities




Below is a summary of each categorical section within Activity Insight. 

  • General Information: This category contains personal and contact information, permanent and yearly data, education, awards and honors, professional memberships, licensures and certifications, and other sections that do not fit into any of the four subsequent categories.
  • Teaching: This category contains information related to teaching, such as scheduled teaching, academic advising, non-credit instruction, and directed student learning (i.e. theses, dissertations) 
  • Scholarship / Research: This category contains information such as intellectual contributions (publications, conference proceedings, etc.), presentations, grants, and intellectual property (patents, copyrights). 
  • Service: This category contains information about service activities at the university, professional, and public levels. 
  • Personnel Review/Promotions Materials Management: This category contains information related to the Retention/Promotion/Tenure/Post Tenure process.

Entering Your Activities


Each link within the Manage Activities window is referred to as a screen. By click the Personal and Contact Information link it will take you to the Personal and Contact Information screen. When you first visit the Manage Activities screen, it would be good to spend a few minutes looking through the various screens available and the summary headings above. To access a screen and begin entering your activities, click the screen's name.


Entering Activities








The resulting screen displays records that are stored for that screen. There are seven possible actions you can take from with the screen, although not all of these actions will always be available on every screen:

  • To add a new record, click the button.
  • To save your changes to a screen, click the  button.
  • To save an entry and add another to a list, click the  button.
  • To discard changes you make to a screen, click the  button.
  • To import items in bulk, click the button (available only for the Publications screen).
  • To delete a record, select the check box next to the entry, then click the button.

Delete Activity


  • To edit or view a record, click anywhere in the record row on the summary screen.

Note:  The Digital Measures Administrator may have added records to the system for you. These records can be viewed, but cannot be edited or deleted. A icon identifies these records. If revisions are needed to the records which have been entered on your behalf, contact your Digital Measures Administrator using the Contact Us link.

  • To copy a record, select the appropriate check box, then select the button.

Enter the information about your activity into the fields provided by typing into the text boxes or making use of dropdown menus. Not all fields may be applicable to a given activity. Leave the fields that do not apply to a given activity blank.


Saving Records


When working in the system, it is important that you preserve your entries by clicking one of the Save buttons at the top of the screen. If you attempt to navigate away from a screen containing unsaved changes, a warning message will display to determine whether you would like to return to the screen and save your modifications or discard them.


Clicking the Cancel button will disregard any changes and return you to the previous screen.


Note: There is a 90 minute timeout for Activity Insight. If you are working on a single entry screen for an extended period of time, please save the record periodically and then continue to edit it.


Duplicating Records


The Duplicate feature allows you to create a new activity using the information you've already entered for an existing activity on the same screen. For faculty members with multiple presentations or publications of the same article in different journals or degrees from the same university, for example, this method can save time and eliminate duplication that could result in errors.


To duplicate an activity, select the activity you'd like to duplicate and then click the Duplicate button.


Duplicate an Activity


After clicking the Duplicate button a new activity screen appears with an exact copy of the information from your previously entered activity. Edit this activity as necessary and choose one of the Save buttons at the top of the page to save the activity when finished.


Changing Author Order


For scholarly contributions with more than one author or contributor, you can easily change the author order using the icons on the far right side of the authoring portion of the activity screen:


Change Author Order


You can use the downward arrow icon to move an author down in the authoring order, or the upward arrow icon to move an author up in the order.


Similarly, additional authors can be deleted from publications by clicking the delete icon at the far right of the row. If you choose to delete an author, a popup window will appear to confirm your decision. Click the OK button to delete the author and return to the activity page. 


Publications – Import Items

Faculty can use the import feature to bring their publication data into Activity Insights in bulk. Your citations of publications may already be stored in another software system such as a reference manager or database — for example, EndNote, Google Scholar, Mendeley, RefWorks, Scopus, Web of Science or Zotero. Those software systems enable you to pick records and then export them into a BibTeX file.


BibTeX is the most broadly supported standardized way to structure publication citations in a file. This makes it easy to move citations between two software applications. You export citations from one software application into a BibTeX file and then import that file into another software application. In this case, you are exporting from another software application and importing into Activity Insight. This feature enables you to upload an exported BibTeX file so that you do not need to rekey those citations.


Note: PubMed Imports is an additional major feature for importing citations for your users. With this PubMed Imports feature, faculty can now pull their citations into Activity Insight directly from PubMed without first saving them into a BibTeX file.


To import publication data, click on Activities from the navigation menu. Then find the Publications screen under the Scholarship/Research heading. From there, you can click the Import button. You can also edit data by clicking on the pencil icon associated with the listing.




The PasteBoard enables you to copy up to 4,000 bytes of text from another document, such as your vita in Microsoft Word, and paste it into the PasteBoard. Two methods to get text into the PasteBoard:

  • Select the text you'd like to copy and press Ctrl+C to copy the text. Then click inside the PasteBoard and press Ctrl+V to paste.
  • Select the text you'd like to copy and right-click the text, then select Copy. Then, right-click in the PasteBoard and select Paste.

After you have pasted text into the PasteBoard, you can then select text from it, click-and-hold on the text you selected, and drag it into a system field to paste it into that field. As long as no more than 4,000 bytes of text is in the PasteBoard, the text entered there will be maintained as a user moves from screen to screen or even between utilities within Activity Insight. To remove this text, use the ‘Clear PasteBoard’ button.



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