Infrastructure and Services

Board of Regents Policies and Procedures Manual:
Information Technology
ITEM 114-104-R0102

No. 5b - Electronic Mail (5) (New)


This policy applies to all MUS students using MUS-owned or managed computing and information resources for student purposes. In this policy "user" refers to student user, as distinct from any role the individual may also have as an employee (Policy 5-A) or patron.


MUS-provided electronic mail (e-mail) systems are to be used by students in a manner consistent with the policies defined on the student’s campus. “For-profit” activities are never appropriate. Large-scale distribution of unsolicited e-mail is appropriate only when prior approval has been obtained from the appropriate campus official.

Within the limits of state and federal law, any copies of messages created, sent, or received by MUS students using MUS e-mail systems, when stored on MUS-owned equipment, are the property of the MUS., Privacy of e-mail is not guaranteed. Authorized MUS personnel may monitor e-mail system usage for purposes of planning and managing resources, evaluating system performance, troubleshooting purposes, or investigating suspected abuse, as described in the MUS information technology policy concerning privacy, security and monitoring [(Policy 001).


Students should exercise care in sending confidential messages over the e-mail system. The use of encryption is recommended when sensitive messages must be sent.

Examples of misuse of MUS-provided electronic mail systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Circulating chain letters
  • Using MUS e-mail systems for “for-profit” activities
  • Large-scale distributions of unsolicited e-mail without prior approval. Users should contact the appropriate system administrator to be informed of the correct procedures for handling large e-mail distributions.
  • Other misuse activities as referenced in the MUS information technology policy on “User Responsibilities” (Policy 2-B).

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