Infrastructure and Services

Instructions for Student Web Sites

If you need a place to publish web sites created either for a class project or for personal (non-commercial) use, that service is available to you on campus. Student web (and e-mail) accounts are free to registered MSU Billings students and are active as long as the student is registered. When a student graduates, the account will be deactivated after a certain period of time.

Get more information and links to sign up and read Student Web Account Policy.

Please note that student web/e-mail accounts for students do not include a connection to the Internet;you will need to have an Internet connection at home or use a networked computers on campus.


Instructions for Student Organizations

Web sites of active registered student organizations can be published on the student server ( Please contact the webmaster at x5722 (247-5722) to set up your web folder. However, the policies in effect for student web accounts still apply to student organizations.

If your student organization has a web site on a different server, you can contact the webmaster to have it linked to the Student Organizations page.