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Internal Studies

Where They Went

Through the National Student Clearinghouse Student Tracker system, MSUB is able to access higher education enrollment information for both students who attend MSUB and do not return the following year and for students who are admitted but do not attend MSUB. The following report is an overview of MSUB Fall 2015 Freshmen, MSUB Fall 2015 New Transfers, Fall 2016 Freshmen Admits, and Fall 2016 New Transfer Admits who were not enrolled at MSUB at the Fall 2016 Census data snapshot.

Fall 2016, Where They Went Report



Early Admit High School

As the population of high school students taking college courses grows at MSUB, the conversion of these dual enrollment students to degree seeking undergraduates is of great interest. The following report looks at the Fall 2016 higher education enrollment, as detailed by the National Student Clearinghouse Tracker system, for the MSUB dual enrolled students from Fall 2015.

Fall 2016, Higher Education Enrollment of Fall 2015 Early Admit Population