Institutional Research, Analysis, and Programming

Student Course Evaluation Process for Administrative Assistants

Identification of Sections for Evaluation:

  • A list of departmental courses will be extracted from Banner and emailed to administrative assistants.
  • Each department is to review and select courses to be evaluated by highlighting.  Only those courses highlighted on the returned spreadsheet will be evaluated.
  • Return highlighted spreadsheets prior to 15th day of semester.
  • Final course extraction from Banner is done after 15th day data census; Bozeman populates data in Class Climate software. If a course has no enrollment at the time of the final extraction, it will not be included in Class Climate for evaluation.
  • If a course changes instructors after the 15th day, administrative assistants must notify IT to make manual change within Class Climate or the evaluation will be under the original instructor's name.
  • Cross listed courses are identified by the “Home” department and combined into one evaluation unless otherwise indicated by the department.
  • Hybrid (600 SECTIONS) and online courses (800 SECTIONS) will be set up in Class Climate to be evaluated online.
  • General Education courses taught at City College by part time faculty will use the City College evaluation forms.

Forms and Evaluation:

  • IT creates section specific bar coded evaluation forms for all highlighted face to face sections.
  • Printed evaluation forms are picked up by administrative assistants at McMullen 303 and distributed to faculty.  Faculty must use only the bar coded generated paper evaluations for their specific section.
  • Online and hybrid sections will employ online student course evaluations.  Links to student course evaluations are posted within D2L, as well as, emailed to students’ preferred email account.
  • Administrative Assistants gather completed paper evaluations during the evaluation period. 
  • At the end evaluation period, all of a department’s forms should be stacked with a colored sheet of paper between sections; blank evaluation forms removed and discarded; and the forms delivered to McMullen 303 for scanning.
  • After scanning is completed, Administrative Assistants pick up completed evaluations. 


  • Student Course Evaluation Reports are generated by IT using the Class Climate software regardless of administration mode.
  • After grades are posted for the semester in Banner, reports are posted to a share drive for Administrative Assistants to obtain for their department. IT will provide the Administrative Assistants a link to the drive.
  • Reports remain in this shared folder for one month.
  • In accordance with the faculty contract these evaluations are the property of the instructor. Information Technology will NOT retain a copy of these reports for future retrieval.
  • Comments for paper evaluations will need to be typed by the administrative assistant