Information Technology

Logon to Campus Computers

With this single account you can log onto any university computer - in open access computer labs, in classrooms, and at campus kiosks. Remember ... your logon account is for your personal use only. Sharing your logon may lead to your loss of campus computer access.


*USERNAME: firstname.lastname

**DEFAULT PASSWORD: last six digits of student ID



If you need to reset your Campus Domain logon password please use the Password Utility Page. If you still need help stop by the College of Education, Room 401, visit the monitor's desk in the Information Commons on the lower level of the MSU Billings Library, or stop by the Academic Support Center at the College of Technology. Please bring a photo ID with you as the security of your personal information is our highest priority.

* Your username is listed inside MyInfo - where you registered for classes. Click on the tab: Personal Information. Click on D2L Username. This is your username for the Campus Domain, D2L and wireless logons.

** If you have reset your password (as recommended) it will be changed for the Windows Domain, for D2L a, and for wireless access.



MyInfo ID: student ID number PW: six digit date of birth MyInfo    Domain ID: firstname.lastname PW: last six digits of student ID MSU Billings Domain    D2L ID: firstname.lastname PW: last six digits of student ID Desire2Learn    EMail ID: Your Net ID PW: Pin Number Google Mail    Wireless ID: firstname.lastname PW: last six digits of student ID Wireless   


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