Student Course Evaluation Process for Administrative Assistants

Identification of Sections for Evaluation:

All sections will be evaluated, with a few exceptions such as High School Connections courses in the high school, Intensive English Language Program courses, and Military Science courses.  

Data is fed from the MSUB student information system, Banner, into the student course evaluation software, Campus Labs, via a nightly data feed.  This data feed ensures course rosters are accurate right up to the start of the evaluation period.  The information in Campus Labs is a direct reflection of the course and student information contained in Banner. 

Cross listed courses are combined in Campus Labs into a single evaluation/report.

Forms and Evaluation:

All student course evaluations will be delivered online; using the contract designated evaluation instrument.  Links to the Campus Labs evaluation portal are posted within D2L, as well as, emailed to students’ preferred email account.


Student Course Evaluation Reports are generated within Campus Labs.  Reports are made available within Campus Labs after final grades have been posted each semester.

Reports are available for downloading from Campus Labs by the appropriate faculty, Administrative Assistant, or Department Chair.