Student Course Evaluations

The administration of Student Course Evaluations is managed by MSUB Institutional Research.

Student course evaluations are administered each semester for all sections; barring exceptions. (high school, no enrollment, Military Science, etc)

Student course evaluations are administered using section specific forms based on the instructional modality and course campus.  Evaluations are emailed to students' preferred email address and a url link is posted to D2L.

Final reports are generated within our online course platform. Reports are available after grades are run at the end of the semester.

During Academic Year 2018-19 a new four campus MSU software platform was implemented and all evaluations were online.

More Information

Eval Cloud

IT Student Course Evaluation Contact Information:

Darin Metcalfe,, 247-5715

*Sample forms are intended for reference only. They are NOT to be printed and used as replacements for missing forms.