Faculty Access:

Faculty can:

  • Access the online course evaluation portal at: https://msubillings.campuslabs.com/faculty (netid log in),
  • View their courses scheduled for evaluation and check rosters, and  
  • Track response rates throughout the evaluation period.

Additional Campus Labs Resources:

Faculty Basics: Introduction to the basics for faculty members as well as links to additional resources, scroll down the page to see all the items.

Faculty Courses: Quick resource on how faculty can view all their courses and access course rosters for evaluation.

How to View Your Response Rates (Faculty): Quick resource on how faculty can view their response rates in real time, during an active administration.

This is the tentative schedule for Fall 2019 Course Evaluations

Period 1:

  • Open:  Friday, October 11th at 8:00 AM
  • Close:  Friday, October 18th at 8:00 PM

Period 2:

  • Open: Sunday, November 24th at 8:00 AM
  • Close: Sunday, December 8th at 8:00 PM

Using an online format for evaluations requires thoughtful and best practice administration to encourage student participation. To improve response rates, students in face-to-face courses can be encouraged to complete these mobile-friendly evaluations in class using electronic devices. Providing class time to complete the evaluation using a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer may maximize participation.  

If you have any questions or see any issues with your course list and/or rosters, please contact Darin Metcalfe at darin.metcalfe@msubillings.edu or 657-5715 as soon as possible.