Special Scholarships for International Students

General Scholarships

Campus Employment Opportunities

On-campus positions are hourly paid working at jobs that help students with their financial needs. There are various positions available to International students.

However, there are limitations for these positions. Please be sure to contact us for detailed information and apply early!

Beaudry and Martina
Global Leadership Scholarship Recipient

(Pictured left) Baudry Metangmo, of Cameroon, Africa, was the 2013-14 Global Leadership Scholarship Recipient.  Baudry is an Honors Student double majoring in chemistry and mathematics and still finds time for involvement in campus as well as community activities.  When he is not studying his coursework, he is helping his peers as an Academic Support Center Tutor or as an International Resident Assistant.  Baudry has embraced his life here in Billings while maintaining his connection and roots to his Cameroonian culture. His name, huge smile and gracious demeanor makes him a popular leader on campus while his spiritual life keeps him active in a local church.