Office of International Studies

IELP Student Experiences



Nina Xu was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. She’s from China.
Hello, friends. My name is Nina Xu from Fuzhou in China. I was a IELP student in 2011 spring through summer. I just stayed four month in there. But I miss MUSB so much. First, you can feel the teachers are very good. They are very patiently. If you have any question they try the best will take care you and you can see so many Chinese students in the international office. So, don’t worry about the English when you just come to MSUB. Second, we don’t just learn in the book we have a lot of activities in ours class. Especially when you are in American Culture course. This is my favorite class in the IELP. I had so many first experiences, like played bowling, went to archery range, and go to the zoo and so on. Third, you will have friends from different country and learn about they are culture. We have the Food Festival then you can eat different food from different regions. Friends, if you like America and you want to study in US the MSUB is a good choice. Specially, the IELP programs will help you improve your English more better and faster and adapt to the life in the United States.


Abdullah Alkhaldi was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. He’s from Saudi Arabia.
I am Abdullah Alkhaldi from Saudi Arabia, and my major is Marketing. my favorite IELP class was writing and I am sure about it. the most things I like about MSUB and Billings MT that the state has no tax, and Billings is a good city for students since it doesn't have entertainments place to go. However, MSUB community is fun to hangout around, and they are many students clubs who are ready to help students in their studies and also in their free time. I used to play soccer at the GYM, and it was 100% free, the only thing you need to get in the GYM it is MSUB ID. My advice to new students , they need to get to know people , these people are friendly and helpful. New students need to go out and represent them self and they will not be disappointed. Also, the most thing that I like about Billings that the city is safe for everyone, to be honest I wish that I didn't left MSUB, and these I'm trying to be back.


Zhijing Shi
Zhijing Shi was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. She’s from China.

Hi there, my name is Zhijing Shi; it has a hard pronounce,so friends just call me Annie. I come from Xi’an city in China. I am so proud of my city, because there is the famous Terra Cotta Warriors.


I started my English class on Oct 2011 for one semester. All the classes in IELP are fun and helpful, and my favorite class is communication.  After that, I went to college next year spring. I am a business school student and my major is Management. Ceramic is my favorite class in college. From that class, I always learn something new for me.


There are lots of things you can do in Billings, like rock climbing, snowboarding, and hiking. And I enjoy hanging out with my house family and friends. I like talking with them which can improve my English speaking and learn more America culture.


I used to work in International studies office as a peer mentor and orientation leader. I also work in cafe now. At the beginning, it was really hard to me. Like there are ten more different cheeses I need to know and many different dressing for salad. However, I am still enjoying it.


For all students in the future, I suggest that as possible as you can talk with English speaker. Not only focus on in class, but also try more stuff out of class.


Yanting Sun
Yanting Sun was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. She’s from China.

Hello, friends! My name is Yanting Sun, but people like calling me Sunny. I am a transfer student came from China. The year I started in IELP was 2012 fall, and got into MSUB College in 2013 summer.

At the beginning, my major was finance, after a semester, I changed my major to communication. I thought that due to my favorite IELP class—culture class. In that class, my classmates from all over the world came together to share their own culture, and share American culture. This class broaden my horizon. Also, this culture class always offered some fun activities for us, such as Yellowstone trip, play bowling, cooked international food at local American people’s house, and so on. All of these activities left me very unforgettable impression. Because I was attracted by these new culture, so when I got into MSUB College, I made a decision that to change my major to communication to learn more about American culture, and learn deeply about how they communicate using American ways. I thought that was more helpful to me to learn American culture and chat with American people. Now, I already graduate from MSUB in 2014 summer. My favorite MSUB class was Writing 101. In that class, students wrote papers not just based on a topic, but the instructor brought us to a specific place to help our inspiration, and enrich our experience. That was really helpful for students writing, especially for me.


My favorite thing about Billings must be the environment. I love Billings’ weather, even in winter the heavy snow also brought me lots of happiness. It was my first time seeing such amazing snow-covered landscape in my life. Also, the fresh air in Billings is everywhere and anytime. I love and enjoy this nature oxygen bar and big sky country.


I had worked at International studies office for one year. I love this job, and thankful to the people who work there give me a lot of help and suggestions. That was a wonderful experience for me. During my free time, I would like to go shopping, watch movie, and hang out with my friends. I visited my local friends in weekends or festival, and attended fun activities like international food fair. Since I graduated from MSUB in 2014 summer, I want to continue my degree to apply a graduate school. MSUB is a good university that if I have a chance to get back. Welcome to this big family for me and for you!


JinHyung Lee
JinHyung Lee was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. He’s from South Korea.

Hi all, my name is JinHyung Lee, but my friends call me Bobby or Jin. I am from South Korea and I became a MSUB student in 2012 in the IELP. As soon as I arrived at Billings, I couldn’t speak English at all. I was only able to speak like “I am hungry” and “where is the restroom?” Eventually, I got acceptable speaking and writing skills from the IELP. The period of studying in the program was not easy to me. I had expected the college courses much difficult than IELP, so then I studied harder.

I cannot say which IELP class is most important for improving English skills because I experienced a synergy effect when I study all classes at the same time. I studied at COB with Management Major in 2012. Also I lived off-campus due to having more experience with American, and then I became an actual college student. I had worked at International studies office for almost two years and that experience will be unforgettable. The time I worked in the office was very helpful to improving not only my English skills but also building relationships with people at MSUB.


I enjoyed meeting people and outside activities such as rock climbing, snowboarding and Folf (Frisbee Golf). As a college student, I also played computer games and console games which technically also was very helpful to understand American culture.


As soon as I graduated MSUB in 2013, I encountered real world in Korea. I got a job in Korea and it’s very satisfying so far. Do what you want to do but get out there and do something different! Welcome to Big Sky County.


Tariq was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. He’s from Saudi Arabia.

My name is Tariq and people call me T because it's easier. I'm from eastern Saudi Arabia, and my major is finance that started in the summer of 2013. My favorite class in IELP was culture class, because I enjoy knowing the differences between my culture and others. Also, I got to know the culture of my classmates who are not from my country while they are talking about it. In college, I honestly like any class with numbers such as math because since I was a kid, I play with numbers. My most important hobby is to hang out with new people and know more and more friends. I see my future from the experience that I get from everyone I meet, because I believe in " learning from others doesn't end." But, my plan is to have knowledge from MSUB, and organize it in real life. 


Tien with friends
Tien was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. He's from Vietnam.

Hi there! My name is Tien. I'm from Vietnam. I came to MSUB in the fall of 2009. The colors of MSUB campus was beautiful. I have been taking English classes since I came here. My favorite class so far is communication class of Intensive English Language program. My instructors are all very helpful and funny.


I joined the International Studies Club. We have lots of events and activities all the time for International students to attend. I also enjoy living in the city of Billings. It's a nice and comfortable town. People are very very friendly. It's very close to many ski resorts. I love skiing.


Fanghe was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. She's from China.

Hi, my name is Fanghe. I am from China. MSUB gave me a good first impression. The people on campus are friendly. I am in Intensive English Language Program right now. I haven't decide on my major yet. I like the communication class. My instructor is really knowledgeable and funny.


I live in the residence halls with other students. I like my roommate a lot. We always do things together. There are many activities on campus. I like making new friends. That's why I joined the International studies club, volunteer club and the Be a Foreign Friend community.


Billings doesn't have shopping tax which is very nice. The environment is great.


Sheng was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. He's from China.

Hi I'm Sheng from China. I remember getting of the airplane when I arrived in Billings. I saw the city from the top of the Rimrocks. It was fall of 2009, the view was so beautiful.


I am still taking English class right now. I like pronunciation class because it helps me with my daily communication a lot. The instructors are kind and helpful. They are always available to us after classes.


I lived with a host family for a while. They are kind people. I like them. I stayed in the residence halls for a semester and I really liked it. Then I moved to a place close to campus. It's convenient to walk to school, use the library, and the gym.


What I really like about Billings is the big sky. It is beautiful. I didn't have that when I was back home.


Minghui (on the right) was an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student. She's from China.

Hello! I'm Minghui from China. When I first came to MSUB I thought it's a beautiful and comfortable campus. It is small but I still got lost for the first couple of weeks.


I like the communication class. My instructor is kind and funny.


The residence halls are clean and comfortable. It's very different from where I come from. There are even TVs for students to watch on each floor.


I make friends when I participate in the activities on campus. Holiday celebrations, International club activities, and games.


The air is so fresh in Billings. The people are very friendly. It's a beautiful and quiet place to live.