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Jiyoung from Ewha Women University in Seoul, majoring in Accounting, tells her experiences at MSUB.

안녕! Hello, I’m Jiyoung, from South Korea in which there is a 16 hours time difference!

When I first searched MSUB on Korean website, it said MSUB is located in the middle of Mt. Rocky and I might can see bears. That made me scared.. But after I came here and saw MSUB, it was so pretty and there were a lot of friendly people.

My favorite class is Introduction to Econometrics, by Scott Harris Prof. This class is not focusing on reading a textbook or learning a lot of theories. Instead of those, I have learned how to actually analyze and forecast data of real companies. However, all the other classes were amazing as well. Classes are so interactive. We have lots of class discussion. Students participate in class with a lot of questions and comments, and professors are always willing to answer. It is quiet different from classes in Korea and enjoyable.

I enjoy living in the dorms. I like RA and RHA system. That makes many students feel easy to contact with housing office. Also, by joining RHA(or applying for RA), we can be involved in school and make many friends.  That’s why I joined RHA! J

Thanks for a lot of friendly people like International RA, Karla, and Janese, I could join a lot of school events. On campus, there are countless events by RHA which I can enjoy! Also, the International Food Fair is on March 18th. All international students are going to cook dishes from their own countries and share!

Since I’m from Seoul which is the capital of Korea, Billings is a lot different. But, I love Billings a lot. I love to take a walk and enjoy beautiful scenery of Billings. Billings is a beautiful city. I think Billings is my American hometown! I talk to my parents once a week or more. For me, it’s getting closer to the time to go back. It’s very interesting that I’m missing Korea, but I’m missing Billings already. I often talk to my family and friends that I don’t want to go back.

It’s wonderful decision if you chose MSUB! Everything is going to be enjoyable and a lot of fun. I hope you to be active and willing to join a new adventure. With your positive and optimistic mind, you can have invaluable experiences in MSUB.


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