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Custom Group ESL Program

Create an Individualized English Language Course...
For your group of non-native English speakers who would like to study in America for a specific period of time, contact our office to build a specialized course based on your learners' needs by completing the Custom Group ESL Program Request Form.

Develop Your English Language Skills...
Native English teachers, classmates, and Americans will give you opportunities to speak English daily.

photo photo collage of  students in the classroom and an arial view of the MSUB campus

Visit the Beautiful City of Billings, Montana...
Billings is an hour from the Rocky Mountains and the Yellowstone River flows through town. Yellowstone National Park is also close by.

photo collage of downtown Billings and the baseball stadium

Explore the Western United States...
Experiencing real American life will help you understand American culture.

photo collage of the Yellowstone Valley and Yellowstone National Park

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