Human Resources


401 Recruitment
401.1 Recruitment and Selection Policy  
401.3 Nepotism Policy Procedure
402 Benefits
402.1 Group Health Benefits Program Policy  
402.2 Retirement Policy Procedure
402.3 Holidays Policy Procedure
402.4 Faculty / Staff Tuition Waiver Policy  
402.5 Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver Policy Procedure
403 Compensation
403.1 Compensation - Classified Staff Policy  
403.2 Overtime & Compensatory Time for Non-Exempt Staff Policy Procedure
403.3 Compensatory Time for Exempt Classified Staff Policy Procedure
404 Employment
404.1 Appointment Status Policy  
404.2 Performance Development and Review - Classified Staff Policy  
404.3 Employment Contracts Policy  
404.4 Probationary Period - Classified Staff Policy Procedure
405 Leave
405.1 Annual Leave Policy  
405.1.4 Juror & Witness Leave Policy Procedure
405.1.5 Military Leave Policy Procedure
405.1.6 Public Service Leave Policy Procedure
405.1.7 Sick Leave Policy  
406 Work Place
406.2 Ethical Standards of conduct Policy Procedure
406.3 Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Stalking, and Retaliation Policy Procedure
406.3.1 Consenual Relationship Policy  
406.4 Workers Compensation Policy Procedure
406.5 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy Policy Procedure
406.6 Discipline and Discharge from Employment Policy  
406.8 Unauthorized Use of University Resources Policy Procedure
406.9 Nonsmoking Policy  
407 Grievance
407.1 Discrimination Grievance Procedures for Allegations of Violations of the Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking and Retaliation Policy Policy  
408 Conflict of Interest & Financial Disclosure Policy Procedure
409 Whistleblower Policy  
410 Personnel Files Policy Procedure