Benefits Information Brief

Employee Information Packet

All new employees will be furnished with an Employee Orientation Packet by the Human Resources Office when enrolling as a new employee.   The Benefits Technician will explain all items and point out important decisions to be made.  The pre-employment forms that need to be filled out include the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Federal I-9).  Proper identification needs to be provided before an employee is eligible to work.  Contact the Human Resources Office, McMullen Hall Room 310, extension 2118 to set up an appointment with the Benefits Technician.


MSU Billings pays bi-weekly.  Pay periods are established in accordance with the type of employee appointment.

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Retirement Systems

Faculty, Administrators and Contract Professionals are required to participate in the mandatory retirement plan:  A Defined Contribution Plan - TIAA/CREF is the underwriter.  Classified staff are covered by the Public Employees Retirement System.

Group Medical Insurance

The Montana University System offers a comprehensive Employee Group Benefits Plan.  The Plan consists of Comprehensive Major Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, a Prescription Drug Program, Vision Plan, Group Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits and Long Term Disability Benefits.   Employees may also purchase supplemental term life insurance from Unum Life at reasonable group rates.  Health Care, Dependent Care, and Adoption Assistance Reimbursement accounts are also an optional part of the benefits plan.

The benefits plan is administered by a university system-wide committee, which consists of faculty, staff, administration, and retired employees.

Information about the MUS Group Insurance is available at:

Delta Dental Plan Information

Please follow the links below for more information regarding our dental plan.

Flexible Spending Accounts

MUS Wellness

Benefitted employees can take part in the Montana University System Wellness program.

Learn more about MUS Wellness


Required Deductions

FICA (Social Security), Medicare, Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Retirement.

Voluntary Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions are available for many voluntary items such as the Foundation of MSU Billings, United Way, Tax Sheltered and Tax Deferred Annuities, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Life Insurance, Supplemental Term Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, US Savings Bonds, Community Shares, etc.

Vacation Leave

Non-Academic employees who are continuously employed for a period of six months will earn vacation leave as follows:

Vacation Leave

Non-Academic employees who are continuously employed for a period of six months will earn vacation leave as follows:

Number of Years Employed Working Days of Vacation Per Year
* 1 through 10 15
*11 through 15 18
*16 through 20 21
*21 and up 24


Administrators with rank earn 21 working days per year.

Employees must be employed continuously for a period of six months in order to receive a vested interest in their vacation time.  Terminating employees will be paid for any unused vested vacation time.  An employee may not accrue more than two years vacation as of December 31 on any given year.

Sick Leave

Employees who are in continuous employment for a period of ninety days earn sick leave credit at the rate of one working day for each month of service.  Terminating employees will be paid for 25% of the accumulated sick leave hours.


10 paid holidays a year, along with general election day.
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Faculty/Staff Fee Waivers

Employees holding a permanent position with an FTE of .75 or greater for the entire period of enrollment may qualify for a reduction in class fees in accordance with Campus policy. For Dependent Tuition Fee Waivers please go to Helpful Links on the MSUB Human Resources webpage.