Health Science Pathways

Health Science Career Pathways

Within the Health Science Career Cluster+, there are five pathways listed to the right that organize the careers. Click on any of these pathways to explore the many career opportunities in the healthcare industry and discover your favorite specialty areas. Learn about the educational paths that can take you from where you are now to an exciting and fulfilling job in healthcare!

+A Career Cluster is a group of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. The Health Science Career Cluster is one of 16 organized clusters nationally.

"" Learn more about the 15 other national career clusters.

View sample occupations in:

paramedic students

Success in any health career requires the following skills:

  • A strong academic foundation
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of how one's job fits into the bigger system
  • Employability skills, or skills needed to succeed and advance in a career
  • Legal responsibilities related to one's job and to clients
  • Ethical practices related to giving care
  • Safety practices
  • Teamwork ability
  • Health maintenance practices, or how to stay well and prevent disease
  • Technical skills
  • Information technology applications related to one's job

Want to learn more about national standards?

Look under "National Standards" at the National Consortium on Health Science and Technology.

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