For HONR 499 Hunger and Food Security in Billings, Jennifer Downing and Haley Barthuly wrote a guest editorial for the Billings Gazette.


As a result of their article, $2,000 was donated to the Yellowjacket Food Pantry. The capstone students’ work will also likely lead to other tangible benefits for the MSUB community, since talks are now underway for securing a refrigeration system for the pantry so that perishable food can be stored and distributed.


According to a survey of MSUB students, the problems of hunger and food insecurity affects as many of 40% of students. Nationally, these problems affect an estimated 33% of college students in America.


The Honors capstone course traditionally focuses on current problems in Billings or Billings organizations with the goal of contributing to their solution. The six students in the 2018 capstone course—Danielle Branson, Miglena Ivanova, Jennifer Downing, Haley Barthuly, Brittney Mill, and Anne Lory Chevalier—have added another achievement to the course’s legacy.