The Honors Program Advantage

Honors courses enhance an MSUB education by...

  • emphasizing problem-solving, self-expression, and creativity.

  • encouraging innovative approaches to familiar ideas and vexing problems.

  • operating as seminars and engaging participants as active learners and discoverers.

  • fostering excellent communication skills.

  • promoting civic and community engagement.

Other advantages to UHP membership include...

  • access to merit-based Honors scholarships.

  • involvement with recreational opportunities and cultural events through the Honors Club.

  • familiarity with professors for advising, directed study, and recommendations.

  • competitive advantages in job searches and for applications to graduate school.

Students benefiting the most from the University Honors Program tend to:

  • enjoy participating in lively discussions on interesting topics

  • be more concerned about what they learn than what grade they earn

  • relish small classes where one gets to know one's professors

  • prefer undertaking research projects and writing papers to memorizing for tests

  • be stimulated by interdisciplinary courses that study problems from many perspectives

  • like to study and socialize with other students excited by learning

view of McMullen Hall on the MSUB four-year campus
Patricia Hampton, Current Honors Club President


Dr. David Craig, Director
University Honors Program
McMullen Hall Room 205
Montana State University Billings
1500 University Drive
Billings, MT 59101
(406) 657-2908

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