Grants & Sponsored Programs

Grant Routing Process

Because institutional awards for sponsored and creative work are made to Montana State University Billings and not to individuals, proposals and agreements require an institutional signature.  When any proposal or award paperwork requires a signature, it is that of an Institutional Authorized Official (AO) and is secured from GSP.  GSP personnel who electronically submit proposals or Financial Status Reports are officially delegated authority to do so.  A sponsored agreement signed by an unauthorized individual will be deemed null and void.


MSU Billings requires that external funding requests and related documents be routed through departmental, collegiate, and institutional channels for review and approval prior to submission. The GSP transmittal routing procedure ensures the request keeps with the University's mission, is in compliance with policies and procedures, and does not burden University resources.  The process is also intended to promote quality applications.


These requests must be submitted to the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs (GSP) for review at least five working days in advance of the sponsor's submission deadline.  Please use the electronic transmittal forms and fill in the required names and emails on the first page before clicking "Begin Signing." 

Transmittal Form

  • To assist the routing process, faculty, staff, and students must complete a Transmittal Form to accompany their applications and related submissions through MSUB channels. The Transmittal Form captures basic, critical information about the proposed project, with the principal investigator's signature attesting to the veracity and accuracy of the information.
  • DocuSign Transmittal Forms: 

Departmental/University Considerations


Would the proposed project:

  • Interfere with the total effort expected of the faculty or staff member and/or the responsibilities for which that person is paid?
  • Require an adjustment in the participant's teaching load?
  • Involve human subjects, biohazardous materials, animal subjects or other issues requiring research compliance and IRB, IBC, or IACUC approval?
  • Require facilities and equipment support beyond what can be provided by the university?
  • Involve a cost-sharing commitment at the departmental or university level?
  • Fit within the department's and university's mission and objectives?

After considering these points and finding favorable consideration, the signatory will add its authorizing signature to the Transmittal Form and the routing will move forward for approval from the remaining offices.

Grants & Sponsored Programs Office Responsibilities


  • GSP identifies and recommends strategic funding plans based on both University-wide and unit strategic planning. GSP is available to assist developing an annual funding plan and to pursue funding for special projects. GSP may manage special projects and/or serve as part of the proposed proposal staff in order to add to the University's expertise, experience, and/or capability.
  • GSP acts as the official University signatory on all proposals, awards, and reports. When a proposal is required to be submitted electronically, GSP assumes the responsibility for the electronic submission of the application.
    • If the proposal is to be submitted by mail, the faculty/staff member is responsible for mailing the application. GSP may mail proposals upon request of the faculty/staff member.
  • Manages the University's formal proposal approval process. Once a proposal has been approved by a College and submitted to the GSP office, GSP will obtain the remaining signatures required to submit the proposal.
    • Proposals greater than $50,000 require GSP to obtain the signatures of the Director of Financial Services, the Administrative Vice-Chancellor, the Provost, and Chancellor. If problems are identified during this process, GSP will work with the applicant to address and correct the proposal as needed.
  • Reviews the Transmittal Form and application/documentation in relation to institutional concerns and administrative issues, with particular attention to budgetary matters, effort commitments, cost-sharing requirements, institutional information, institutional resources, conflicts of interest, export control issues, and other assurance/compliance issues, and ensures the required signatures are in place for principal investigator(s), department(s), and college(s).
  • Reviews the application/documentation in relation to sponsor requirements, with the goal of forwarding complete, compliant, competitive applications/documentation that merit full consideration.
  • Maintains proposal and award information and produces monthly reports on activities. GSP keeps master copies of all proposals that are available for faculty/staff review in developing new proposals.

For additional information, please contact the Grants and Sponsored Program Office.