Grants & Sponsored Programs

Award Review, Acceptance & Set-Up



You've been awarded grant funding.   What comes next?
  • Forward the award notice or contract to the Grants and Sponsored Programs (GSP) office.  The GSP will review the reward to make sure it fits within the University's interests and capacities.  This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Reporting requirements
    • Restrictions on use of funds
    • Payment terms
    • Intellectual property terms
    • Insurance terms
    • Compliance restrictions
    • Liability and indemnification terms
  • Once approved, the GSP Director will sign the award agreement (gathering all other required signatures) and return the signed agreement to the awarding agency/foundation/etc.
  • The GSP will provide a copy of the award and an index request to Grants Manger.
  • Grants Manager (Brenda Brakke) will provide Project Investigator (PI) with an index number.  No charges can be made to the grant until an index number is assigned.
  • An Account and Signature Authorization Form will be sent to the PI for completion.  Only persons indicated on this form will be allowed to sign documents for that account.

Once your index has been set up, you're ready to manage your award.




Brenda Brakke

MSUB Grants Manager




Cindy Bell

GSP Director (Authorized Signature)



Jenay Cross

GSP Operations Analyst



Janet Simon

HR Director (Hiring Instructions)