Rules and Responsibilities

The following rules and responsibilities are relevant to the proposal review and submission process. All grants must be reviewed by GSP: both intent and transmittal forms are necessary. Intent forms should be sent as soon as you are thinking about applying for a grant. Transmittal forms for federal and grants over $100,000 must be sent at least 7 days in advance of the deadline, for other grants, transmittal forms must be sent at least 4 days before the deadline. Not adhering to these guidelines may result in denial of submission.

Principal Investigators are responsible for the following:

  • Carefully reviewing the sponsor guidelines outlined in the RFP and ensuring that the proposal follows these guidelines
  • Obtaining IRB, IBC, or IACUC approvals if required
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the information provided in the proposal, including the scientific and intellectual direction of the project 
  • Maintaining compliance with all University and sponsor requirements for the design and scheduling of the proposed project 
  • Obtaining agreement to participate from all proposed collaborators and consultants
  • Completing materials in a timely fashion to allow for review, processing, and transmittal to the sponsor by the deadline

Grants and Sponsored Programs Review and Approval Responsibilities:

  • Review proposals for compliance with University and sponsor requirements
  • Assist in preparing required proposal documents
  • Assist I coordinating documentation for subcontracts or consultants
  • Alert PIs and/or departments to potential problems with the funding source (i.e., onerous reporting requirements, matching funds requirements, problematic intellectual property policies, etc.)
  • Ensure that information provided related to any required assurances is accurate and complete (i.e., use of human subjects or animals, lobbying, etc.)
  • Obtain approval for any unusual sponsor requirements, such as waiver of indirect costs or restrictions on dissemination of results
  • Verify cost-share commitments and/or matching funds
  • Verify documentation for subcontractors and/or consultants
  • Review proposal routing form for appropriate signatures
  • Verify IDC accounting cost return rates
  • Review proposed budgets
  • If received at least one week prior to deadline, GSP will review and edit narrative
  • Submit proposal

Department Chair /Dean Review and Approval Responsibilities:

  • Appropriateness of the project being proposed by the PI given the resources of the department and its overall objectives
  • Commitment to allow the PI to conduct the project 
  • Commitment to provide sufficient space for the proposed work
  • Commitment of time by department investigators to conduct the project
  • Cost sharing commitments

Grants Manager Responsibilities:

  • Assist PI in budget preparation by providing accurate estimates for salary, fringe benefits, and other budget items
  • Review budgets for accuracy
  • Sign off on budgets