This site provides some information in regards to the management portion of the grant life-cycle, but is by no means exhaustive.  Please visit the Grants & Fiscal Management page for answers to more specific questions you may have.   The Project Director's Guide is an especially great resource for PIs.

Principle Investigator (PI) Responsibilities:

  • CONTRACT: Read and become familiar with the project contract, including reporting requirements and deadlines.
  • CHANGES: Notify the GSP of any proposed changes in the scope of the project, change of Project Director, changes in budget, period of performance, etc.
  • SPENDING: Initiate forms for travel, purchasing, employment, contracted services.
    • Assure that cost-sharing or matching requirements are fulfilled and documented.
    • Supervise expenditures and ensure that they conform to the sponsor’s guidelines.
  • PROGRESS REPORTING: Write and submit progress and final reports as stipulated in the award agreement. Failure to submit timely progress reports can penalize the institution as a whole by possibly making MSUB ineligible to receive new awards. Fiscal reports are submitted by the MSUB Grants Manager, Brenda Brakke, not the PI.
  • BUDGET REVIEW: Request (from Grants Manager) and review the monthly financial reports.  Check these against PI’s or Administrative Assistant’s own budget spreadsheets. If corrections are needed, notify Grants Manager
  • CITATION: Ensure that the funder/s are properly acknowledged in ALL internal and external press releases, presentations, and publications.  Funders generally indicate in the award document how they would like to be cited.

It varies by department, but Administrative Assistants may assist the PI in the grant managing process.  They are knowledgeable of MSUB policies and procedures such as: reviewing expenditures, completing necessary forms (EPAFs, BPAs, Travel Authorization, etc.), and managing budget spreadsheets through departmental accounting systems.

The PI (and Admin Assistant, as appropriate) should remain in close contact with Brenda Brakke, Grants Manager, regarding their budgets.  More information is also available below: