Job Title: Research Assistant
Listing Created/Updated: 8/7/2015 College: College of Allied Health Professions
Semester/Academic Year: 2013-2014 Dept/Area: Rehabilitation and Human Services and Health Adminsitration
Hours: 19/week Stipend: $2500/semester
FTE: Funding:
Tuition: up to $1980/semester  
Contact: Dr. Terry Blackwell Office: APS 121
Email: Phone: 406-896-5834
Job Description:
The primary responsibility of this graduate assistant will be to assist the Departments of Rehabilitation and Human Services and Health Administration in accreditation efforts. This will include self-study preparations for CACREP, CORE and CAHME. Assistance for CORE will be for the continuing accreditation of the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program. The assistance for CACREP and CAHME will be the development of the processes, policies, and procedures for initial accreditation; Conduct data analysis and prepare result displays; Prepare reports and papers relative to research conducted; Assist in the development of new projects and related research; Other duties as assigned relative to research assistance.
Job Qualifications:
Good verbal and written communication skills, research experience, competence in Microsoft Office, SPSS preferred. Preference give to students accepted into the Master of Science in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling or Master of Health Administration programs.
Special Conditions:

Job Title: Graduate Assistant
Listing Created/Updated: 8/13/2015 College: None
Semester/Academic Year: 2015-2016 Dept/Area: eLearning
Hours: up to 19/week Stipend: $5000/semester
FTE: Funding: eLearning
Contact: Susan Balter-Reitz Office: COE 117
Email: Phone: 406-657-2214
Job Description:
This Graduate Assistant (GA) position will be responsible for: assisting faculty with instructional design and D2L technology issues; help design instructional, web-based materials; conducting data analysis; assisting with course evaluations; and other duties as assigned. The primary responsibility will be the faculty in Rehabilitation and Human Services, however, work with other faculty who are teaching online may occur from time-to-time.
Job Qualifications:
Comfortable with technology, familiarity with D2L a bonus; Ability to work with a variety of faculty and staff; Strong writing and oral communication skills; Ability to work independently This position is open to students in any graduate program at MSUB, however, preference will be given to students in their second year of the Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program.
Special Conditions:

Job Title: Graduate Teaching-Research Assistant
Listing Created/Updated: 4/1/2015 College: College of Allied Health Professions
Semester/Academic Year: 2015-2016 Dept/Area: Health and Human Performance
Hours: 10-19/week Stipend: $2500/Semester
FTE: Funding: Graduate Studies Office
Tuition: up to $1980/semester  
Contact: Dr. Kathe Gabel Office: PE 117
Email: Phone: 406-657-2927
Job Description:
1) Teaching responsibilities may vary depending upon GTA's background and education. 2)Classes will vary per semester; teaching activity, first aid, or personal fitness classes or assisting with lab classes - KIN 106 - Exercise Science, KIN 321 - Exercise Physiology, KIN 328 - Kinesiology and Biomechanics, or KIN 331 - Motor Learning. 3)Depending upon the class, responsibilities may include teaching the class or the lab, grading lab reports, maintaining enrollment and grade data, or developing lab experiences and exams. 4)Regular meetings with the lab supervisor and class professors are required. 5)Graduate assistants will maintain the inventory of lab equipment and supplies, which is regularly assessed throughout the year. 6)Sanitation and maintenance of lab equipment is required on a daily basis. 7)Knowledge of the class-associated lab activities and procedures is required. 8)Maintenance of a professional relationship with professors, peers and students is required at all times. 9)When active, teaching assistants will assist with faculty and student research projects, e.g. lab procedures, data gathering and analysis, writing reports, etc.
Job Qualifications:
BS degree in Exercise Science, Human Performance, Health & Wellness, Education, Biology, or HHP related fields; History of strong work ethic; Interest in health-related professions and education; ability to work at least 15 hours per week; Strong oral and written communication skills; Computer skills using word processing, spread sheets, and data analysis are desired; Previous teaching experience helpful, but not required; Relatively flexible schedule to accommodate lab schedules and meetings.
Special Conditions:

Job Title: Baseball Graduate Assistant Coach
Listing Created/Updated: 2/26/2015 College: Intercollegiate Athletics
Semester/Academic Year: 2015-2016 Dept/Area: Baseball
Hours: up to 19/week Stipend: To Be Determined
FTE: Funding: Graduate Studies Office
Tuition: up to $1980/semester  
Contact: Rob Bishop Office: PE 28
Email: Phone: 406-657-2394
Job Description:
The Graduate Assistant Coach reports to and is supervised by the Head Coach and assists the Head Coach as directed by: Planning and implementing practice sessions; Providing input and other coaching related duties for home and away games and events; Recruiting qualified, prospective student-athletes as allowed by NCAA rules; Analyzing video tapes of opponents; Scouting prospective opponents as allowed by contract and NCAA rules; Making team travel arrangements, such as transportation, hotels, and meals; Facilitating the scheduling and supervision of practice opportunities by visiting teams; Planning and implementing camps and clinics; Assisting with the planning and implementation of departmental development and marketing events and activities; Assisting with the oversight of the student-athletes academic achievement; Assisting with game and event scheduling with opponents; and Performing other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Head Coach.
Job Qualifications:
Must be accepted into a graduate program at MSUB; Collegiate baseball playing experience preferred; Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills; Ability to multi-task and work within a team environment; Desire to work with culturally diverse populations; Ability to work with people in fast paced and potentially hectic environment; Must have thorough understanding of special demands of the athletic environment with the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with student-athletes, coaches, athletic department staff, boosters, University administration, faculty and surrounding community.
Special Conditions:

Job Title: Graduate Research Assistant
Listing Created/Updated: 3/25/2015 College: College of Arts & Sciences
Semester/Academic Year: 2015-2016 Dept/Area: Public Administration Program
Hours: up to 10/week Stipend: $2500/semester
FTE: Funding: Graduate Studies Office
Tuition: up to $1980/Semester  
Contact: Dr. Paul Pope Office: LA 812
Email: Phone: 406-657-2934
Job Description:
Assist in research, student recruitment, and managing social media.
Job Qualifications:
Must be a graduate student. Preference will be given to current MPA students at MSU Billings.
Special Conditions:

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