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Special Education Advanced Studies: Applied Behavior Analysis Program


Program Structure

This program structure is an example of the courses you would likely take in this program. For a copy of the official plan of study click HERE.


Master of Science in Special Education Advanced Studies, ABA Emphasis


Course Number and Name

Typically Offered:

Professional Core

SPED 502 Research in Special Programs



SPED 533 Learning and the Experimental Analysis of Behavior


Professional Specialization

SPED 515 Ethics in Education and Human Services



SPED 520 Applied Behavior Analysis

Summer or Fall


SPED 551 Assessment and Program Planning for Special Populations


  SPED 574 Data-Based Instruction Spring
  SPED 586 Conceptual Issues in Radical Behaviorism Spring

Competency Elective (Choose ONE):

(a) SPED 580 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Characteristics and Interventions



(b) SPED 550 Best Practices Teaching Students with Emotional & Behavioral Disorders


Choose One Track for Professional Practice:

A.   Internship  (5 credits ea.)

SPED 590 Internship in ABA (Fall)



SPED 590 Internship in ABA (Spring)


  SPED 590 Internship in ABA (mini-thesis) Any 15-week sem.

B.   Thesis

SPED 599 Thesis (6 credits, 2 semesters)



Chose ONE 3-credit Elective with advisor

Fall or Spring



Related Plans of Study


The ABA BCBA Only plan of study is designed for students who already have a master’s  or doctoral degree and plan to become BCBA certified.


The Master of Science in Special Education Advanced Studies Option is designed for individuals who have an undergraduate degree in special education, have a special education endorsement on their teaching certificate, or who wish to pursue advanced studies in special education but do not wish to teach P-12 special education.


For more information on Board Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (BCBA):


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Behavior analyst Certification

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