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Special Education Advanced Studies: Applied Behavior Analysis Program


General Info

Online Courses: all courses offered in the Applied Behavior analysis sequence will be offered online. It's a convenient way to learn with your computer!


Careers: What can you do with a degree in ABA?

  • Behavior Analyst
  • Training Coordinator
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Behavior Consultant
  • In-home Program Coordinator
  • Program Supervisor & Early Childhood Intervention Specialist for Children with Autism
  • Foster Parent Consultant
  • Forensic Behavior Analyst

Many of our recent graduates responded to a Graduate Data survey taken 9 months after graduation. Of the 18 graduates who did respond to the survey, 16 or 89% are employed in their field. They reported a salary range from $59,00 to $80,000.


Is the study of Applied Behavior Analysis right for me?


Quality of Life:
If you're interested in helping people achieve a well-balanced lifestyle to the maximum extent possible, then ABA is for you.


Science and Art:
If you want to learn how to use techniques grounded in behavioral principles such as positive reinforcement and precision teaching, ABA is for you.


Admission Criteria

  1. Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0
  2. Graduate GPA (if applicable) of at least 3.0
  3. Completed Graduate Record Examination

Admission Procedures

  • Complete Graduate Student Application
  • Submit Official Transcripts from all Institutions Attended
  • Payment of Nonrefundable $40 Application Fee
  • Submit Admission Test Scores - GRE



Behavior Analyst Certification

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