Teacher Licensure

A post-baccalaureate student who returns to school to seek initial teacher licensure only may use either graduate or undergraduate courses to meet requirements.  It is often to a student’s advantage to take 500 level courses while seeking initial licensure because those courses may help advance the student on a school district pay scale and may often be used toward a graduate degree.  A student taking any 500 level courses toward licensure must apply for Graduate Program Status through the Office of Graduate Studies.  Official transcripts from all institutions other than Montana State University Billings must also be submitted.

Conversely, acceptable courses in the plan for licensure may also be used simultaneously or subsequently on a master’s degree plan of study so long as they contribute coherently to the degree option chosen and fit within master’s degree guidelines.

Those entering the graduate degree program and planning to teach, but not yet licensed, or with lapsed licensure, must complete the initial licensure requirements as either part of the master’s degree plan of study or concurrent with it.  The same advisor will work with the student on a plan for licensure as well as on the master’s degree plan of study.

Students with questions about teacher licensure as well as admission requirements for the teacher education program should visit with the Licensure Officer (406-657-2293), who can be helpful concerning licensure requirements of other states as well as those of Montana.  Information about Montana licensures and renewals may be found at the Office of Public Instruction web site:

When coursework satisfying the plan for licensure is completed, a copy of the plan, approved by the advisor, Licensure Officer, and Dean of Education, will be sent, along with an official transcript, to the Office of Public Instruction in Helena.  Students may request an institutional recommendation to any State Department of Education.

Christine Haaland teaching at Shepherd Elementary School

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