Graduate Studies

Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling


Program Structure

Courses Credit
REHA 501 Principles of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling 3
REHA 502 Individual and Family Response to Disability 3
REHA 503 Psychiatric Rehabilitation 3
REHA 505 Theories of Counseling 3
REHA 507 Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice 3
REHA 508 Multicultural/Gender Issues in Counseling 3
REHA 515 Medical and Psychological Aspects of Disability 3
REHA 517 Research and Program Evaluation 3
REHA 519 Human Growth & Development 3
REHA 520 Group & Individual Evaluation 3
REHA 521 Advanced Individual Counseling 3
REHA 523 Advanced Group Counseling 3
REHA 525 Career Development, Placement, & Support 3
REHA 560 DSM-5 for Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counselors 3
II. Required Clinical Work  
REHA 590 Prepracticum for Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling 3
REHA 594 Counseling Practicum 3
REHA 596 Cooperative Education/Internship 6-12
III. Thesis Option  
REHA 599 Thesis 1-6
Total minimum credits required for degree/with Thesis 60/66


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