Graduate Studies

Master of Health Administration


Program Structure 

courses credits
I. Fall Semester 1
HADM 601 Professional Seminar I 1
HADM 610 Healthcare Systems (a) 2
HADM 608 Statistics for Health Care Administration (a) 2
HADM 605 Evidence Based Management Research & Evaluation Methods (b) 3
HADM 615 Managerial Accounting & Budgeting (b) 3
II. Spring Semester 1
HADM 602 Professional Seminar II 1
HADM 625 Healthcare Finance & Reimbursement (a) 3
HADM 640 Managerial Epidemiology & Population Health (a) 3
HADM 632 Health Economics (b) 3
HADM 620 Health Operations Methods (b) 2
III. Summer Session
HADM 622 Health Quality Techniques 2
HADM 645 Rural-Frontier Healthcare Management 2
HADM 687 Healthcare Marketing & Strategy 3
IV. Fall Semester II
HADM 603 Professional Seminar III 1
HADM 607 Health Informatics & Information Systems (a) 3
HADM 675 Healthcare Human Resources (b) 2
HADM 697 Capstone (a-b) 3
V. Spring Semester II
HADM 604 Professional Seminar IV 1
HADM 612 Health Policy (b) 3
HADM 635 Health Law (a) 3
HADM 697 Capstone (a-b) 3
Total minimum credits required for degree 49
*HADM 696 Internship (a-b) 3
Total minimum credits including internship 52
Total Minimum Semester Credits 49-52


(a) First half of the semester


(b) Second half of the semester


*HADM 696 is required of MHA students who do not have a background in healthcare management.




Cathy Bealer

Pictured above: MHA Alumna Cathy Bealer, CEO of St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center, working with a CT Tech.


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