Alison Adams

Hi! I’m Alison. I am the Petro Hall Director at MSUB. I handle all daily operations of the building and ensure all Petro residents have a fun and educational experience. If you’re living in Petro, you’ll probably run into me. I went to college in Ohio and Illinois and if I could offer one bit of advice for students, it’s absorb everything you possibly can and remember that learning also takes place outside of the classroom—be open to learn.


Tiffini Iwen

Hello. I’m Tiffini! You can find me in the Admissions & Records and Advising Center area in McMullen Hall. I’m usually the first person you’ll see to schedule an Advising appointment, get registration help, or to order a copy of their transcript. I fell in love with higher education after tutoring at a college in Ohio, where I’m from. You can usually find me at home working in the garden or cooking something new. If there’s a piece of advice I would give it’s much better to be proactive about your education than reactive. If you have questions, please ask!


Martie Jamirillo

I’m Martie, your executive chef for MSUB! I came to MSUB from New Hampshire, but I still call Boston my home. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. My job means that I organize and run all of the food services and catering on campus. You can usually find me in Rimrock Café. If I’m not in the kitchen, I try to pretend that I know how to golf and when there is time I enjoy camping. Make sure you wash it and chop it before you eat it!


Pam Coyle

I’m Pam, your Resident Dinning Director! I have been here for over 16 years, am a Montana girl, raised my family here, and now enjoy traveling to see my kids. I graduated from the University of Montana and have a degree in Interpersonal Communication. I am absolutely here for all of our students. There hasn't been anything that we have not been able to accommodate, so as long as you ask I can help. IF I’m not helping students, I have great little puppy named Jack who I enjoy spending my time with. You can find me on our off time either enjoying a walk or bike ride. Don't ever be afraid to seek us out and ask. If you don't ask us we cant help you.


Holly Hofer

I’m Holly and I am typically one of the first points of contact for students at Financial Aid office. I assist students through the financial aid process. If a student has questions about financial aid I am here for them to make their financial aid experience as smooth as possible. I am originally from Colstrip, MT and I graduated from MSU Billings. In my spare time you will find me with my kids and husband, or reading, doing Zumba®, and occasionally writing poetry. Don’t forget to always ask questions… if you don’t understand how something works at MSU Billings ask someone.


Sam Thatcher

My name is Sam and I work at the front desk of financial aid and am one of the first people a new student should contact when starting school. I work with students who are trying to figure out the puzzling world of financial aid. I also attended MSU Billings. I love frolicking in the mountains, camping, hiking, boating, etc. Try not to feel frustrated and give up! Financial aid can be daunting but we are here to help so if you feel overwhelmed, just stop by or give us a call.


Trudy Carey

I’m Trudy! I’m the director of Disability Support Services (DSS). If someone has a disability for which they need an accommodation or adjustment to get access to their education, he/she can visit with me, and we’ll decide what kind of things she/he needs.  It might be extra time for taking tests or hearing textbooks instead of reading them.  Over 200 students are registered with DSS between the two campuses. After being a full-time mom for 20 years I came to MSUB and majored in communication. I received my master’s degree as well and have worked in DSS since 2002. If I’m not helping students, you can find me with my nose buried in a murder mystery. Take advantage of every opportunity to get help with your classes. If you utilize the help and decide you don’t need it, then don’t use it.  But try it first.  There is nothing that looks prettier on a transcript than an A.


Ben Barckholtz

I’m Ben and I’m in charge of the Academic Support Center, where you can find tutors in a variety of subjects! I came to MSUB from Omaha where I began an Academic Support Center at Iowa Western Community College. I’m originally from Michigan where I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I enjoy fly-fishing and golfing when I’m not helping students. Remember, if you are not dropping the hammer, you are dropping the ball. Drop the hammer!


Heather Eggum

I’m Heather and you can usually find me behind the info desk in McMullen Hall.
I came to MSUB because of the Organizational Communication program that the school offers. I love to dance, shop, cook, and hang out with my son and sister. I’m hilarious, love organizing stuff, and buy a ton of scrapbooking stuff even though I haven’t scrapbooked anything in years – I have bins of it. In college I was heavily involved in Housing and Residence Life. Get to know your instructors.  It sounds cliché but it really does make a difference. Check out the activities and groups on campus but don’t get overloaded with activities.  Find what’s meaningful to you. Never underestimate the social value of living on campus.  Once you move off campus, you start losing that connection to what’s happening at the school and being involved. Also, never underestimate the value of actually attending class.  Just trust me.


Jamie Lane

I’m Jamie Lane, the College Success Specialist for the College of Arts & Sciences. My role is to assist freshmen in making the college transition and help them connect to their academic college. Having previously taught agriculture and student orientation courses and coached a livestock judging team at a two-year college in western Kansas, I missed the daily interactions with students. I also missed watching these students develop into their own person. I received my B.S. in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University and my M.S. in Animal Science from Kansas State University. If I’m not at work, I am probably working on our small ranch, taking my kids to their most current sporting event, or helping with their 4-H projects. Where I’d like you to find me is at a beach with my toes in the water! A random fact about me is I have judged cattle at every major national livestock show in the U.S. and one in Mexico. Take advantage of this rare opportunity for a "fresh” start. Become the person YOU want to be, not the one you think others think you should be.


Gillette Vaira

Hi! I’m Gillette! I’m the College Success Specialist for the College of Education, where I teach First Year Seminar. My role is to help freshmen get acclimated to campus life both academically and socially. I provide college success resources mostly for education majors, but I’m available to help students of any major. I also advise the student organization Collegiate 4-H. I grew up in Lambert in Northeastern Montana. I chose to attend MSU Billings for my undergraduate education because I loved its personal, friendly atmosphere. I graduated from MSUB in 2009 with a B.A. in Mass Communication and a minor in International Studies. I earned my M.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Montana in 2011. I volunteer with 4-H, the Salvation Army, and the American Legion Auxiliary. I am a licensed Washington, D.C. tour guide and a licensed Zumba® instructor. I am also a basic American Sign Language communicator. During my first semester at MSUB, one of my professors told our class, “Once you leave home, you can never go home again.” At first I was amazed he would say such a thing, but then I realized he was right. When we move onto new stages of life or have different experiences, we grow and develop our worldviews. We may be able to physically go home again, but we will never be the same because our comfort zones will have expanded. Embrace this. Attending college is only the beginning.


Jeff Rosenberry

I’m Jeff, the Interim Director, Housing & Residential Life. You’ll find me walking the halls, attending programs, and eating in the dining hall. I also co-coordinate and teach for our four-year leadership program and am a fixture at freshmen orientations. I like to read non-fiction books and cook! I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time hiking and snowshoeing, as well as “playing” golf. I am the voice of Yellowjacket basketball, along with student Jacob Letman. We provide live play-by-play coverage via the web for all the home action. It is a secret passion I have and I absolutely love it. Whatever you do in life, remember to step up, work hard, and make a difference.


Becky Lyons

I’m Becky and I am the Director of the Advising Center at MSUB. I assist students with course selection and registration. I am originally from a small town in upstate New York called Campbell.  I always loved the west and used to work on a dude ranch in Colorado during the summers.  After I graduated with my bachelors degree from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, I packed my car and headed west to MSUB. I also received my master’s degree here and my doctorate from MSU–Bozeman. I love to travel, watch football, and I enjoy reading. Try and get the most out of your college experience by getting involved.  What you will learn in the class and experience outside of the class will have a great and positive impact on your path in life.


Jessica Baker

I am Jessica, an Academic Advisor providing degree and policy information, helping students select courses and register, determining how courses will transfer from other schools, and ensuring that students are on track to graduate.  I am originally from Bottineau, North Dakota. My husband and I moved to Billings 11 years ago. In September of 2003, I started working at MSU Billings as Campus Tour Coordinator and Online Admissions Counselor. In 2005, I became an advisor in the Advising Center. Currently, I am the advisor for the Business programs – Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and General Business. When I’m not at work, you can find me spending time with my husband and two sons, ages 5 and 4 months. Together, we enjoy watching sports, fishing, and most other outdoor activities. We’re also currently raising sea monkeys.

Get involved on campus. Get to know your professors and the support staff around campus. Not only will this make or break your college experience, it will help you build relationships that could last a lifetime!


Jenny Randall

I’m Jenny, the Service Learning Coordinator at MSU Billings. I coordinate service projects that are connected to course work.  All A&SC 111 classes have a service learning component that help introduce the concept of service learning and get the students out into the community.  I am located in the Office for Community Involvement, and I can also help find volunteer opportunities for students. I received my degree from MSU Billings in secondary education. After graduating from MSUB, I taught English at Skyview High School in Billings for three years before moving to Austin, TX. I enjoy reading, golfing, running, and playing whatever crazy games my six-year-old son comes up with.


Tracy Mouser

I’m Tracy and I work in the Office for International Studies. I love connecting our American students to our global friends in various locations around the campus and the community.  If first year students want to explore friendships with peers from around the world, they should come find me in the International Studies Office, McDonald Hall room 161. I graduated from MSU Bozeman with a degree in Music Education. I enjoy hanging out with my husband and daughters at local coffee shops, bike trails and hiking trails near Red Lodge. I love my job! The people I get to work with and the students I hang out with every day make my life very rich. I’m a huge Denver Bronco fan and if I had my choice, I’d eat Thai Curry every day for lunch. No matter what people or the economy might tell you, a college degree is valuable.  Never underestimate the importance of education.


Chris Wilkins

I’m Chris, the Rimrock Hall Director. In May 2011, I graduated from the University of Montana and returned to my hometown, Billings. I started working at MSUB in September and have enjoyed my experience in higher education. My family has been actively involved in the Yellowjacket community and it only made sense for me to become a Yellowjacket. I love playing sports (softball, football, bowling), camping, hiking, and traveling. I wrote a cookbook in college for residents living in the residence halls. College is more than just classes, it is about learning outside of the classroom as well. Take opportunities and challenge yourself to be a better person. Most of all have fun and get involved on campus.


Therese Evangeline

I’m Therese!  I’m the Office Manager of the Student Health Services. I schedule the appointments for the nurse, nurse practitioner, and the counselors so I’m the first person you’ll see or talk to when you come to Student Health Services. We also take care of immunization requirements and student health insurance so any questions regarding either of these issues would be handled here. I grew up on a ranch outside Musselshell, Montana, attended Billings Business College, and I’ve been with the Student Health Services for 26 years. I like to do home improvement projects, flower gardening, reading and I shouldn’t admit it but I do like to watch TV. Don’t forget to use the Student Health Services first. All students can come in and be seen. No insurance is required.


Liz Lich

I’m Liz! I am the textbook manager at Jackets and Company. First-year students will come in to contact with me when finding their textbooks on campus. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Billings with my family and graduated from West High School. I attended and after graduated from University of Montana in 2010. I have been at MSUB for two years and love every moment of it. When not working you can find me hanging out with my dog Hannah. I am a huge college football fan. My favorite teams are the Griz and The Ohio State Buckeyes. Remember, reserve your textbooks as soon as you know your schedule!



Hello! I’m Chad, the Director of Jackets & Co., the campus store at MSUB.  Students will find me on the retail floor, working a cash register, out at the City College, at an athletic event, and all over at campus events. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but I have always had a desire to live in the Western US.  I attended Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I love the outdoors; I spend a lot of time hiking, four-wheeling, fishing, and hunting, as well as visiting Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Do what you love and you’ll love what you do.  Take risks, but be smart.  In the long run, college is the best opportunity you will have to set the stage for where your life will head, so make the most of it.



I’m Branden and I am an Academic Advisor for Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Communication and Theatre, Human Services, Psychiatric Rehab, and Rehab and Related Services. I assist with registration, navigating program requirements, and providing suggested course of study. I was raised in rural eastern Montana and I attended the University of Montana where I earned a B.A. in Art. I decided to continue my education here at MSU Billings in 2009 and I’ve been chipping away at a Master of Education (off and on) ever since.  When I’m not at MSUB I can be found in my back yard digging in the dirt but I also snowboard, wakeboard, mountain bike, road bike, fish, hike and camp. 

Think of going to college as a job.  Do your best, challenge yourself, have fun and although this job may not pay now, it’ll pay off later. 



Hi, I’m Kari! I am an academic advisor at MSUB. I sit at the front counter of the Advising Center and I assist students with quick questions or can assist them with adding and dropping a class or help answer most of their questions. I grew up in Lewistown, MT and I graduated from MSU Billings with a B.S. in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Studies. I have been an advisor in the Advising Center since 2009 and have advised for multiple degrees and I am currently our full-time walk-in advisor to assist students with quick questions they have. I enjoy movies, sports, and reading.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek help/advice.  Our jobs are to help you throughout your college career so make sure you utilize us.


Tara Haupt

Hello! I’m Tara, one of the academic advisors at MSU Billings. Advisors assist students with understanding the coursework and requirements for their major, registration, and academic planning.  Come visit us! I love the community and everything that MSU Billings has to offer. I attended MSU Billings and graduated from the University of Montana. I enjoy camping, traveling, reading, and antiquing.  I’m also a foodie and music junkie.  I really just like to try new things.

Study hard and be active on campus!  It will MAKE your college experience!  Take advantage of all the opportunities MSU Billings has to offer! 


Betty Erickson

Hello, I’m Betty! As an academic advisor, I interact with first-year students during orientation, through A&SC 111, and individual advising appointments. I am originally from Minnesota, however Montana has been my home for 27 years. I graduated from MSUB in Organizational Communication in 2009. I enjoy quilting and spending time with my family.

Set realistic short-term goals that you can achieve to keep you motivated. accomplishing these will ultimately lead to your ultimate goal of graduation.


Triniti Halverson

Hi! I’m Triniti. I’m the health educator in Student Health Services. I’m also the advisor for the student organization HEROES. I’m responsible for ensuring our students’ wellness needs are met by providing vast resources on a variety of different health topics and issues. I originally from Billings and graduated from MSUB. If I’m not at work I’m usually enjoying Montana’s outdoors, doing something crafty, or cooking. Get involved! It’s the best way to network and get to know resources on campus. Also volunteer! This is a great way to get to know the community; it’s a resume builder and a great networking tool. You never know when you’ll need a reference.


Jennifer Pope

Hi! I’m Jennifer, the College Success Specialist for the College of Allied Health Professions. Prior to becoming a College Success Specialist, I worked as an adjunct instructor of sociology at MSUB. I teach A&SC 111, as well. I attended Idaho State University, where I received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sociology. When I’m not working you can find me trying to stop and smell the roses with my husband, son and dog. I enjoy the outdoors, reading, watching movies and random funny videos on YouTube.

In my journey so far, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that life is more enjoyable when you find balance and perspective. Seek to discover the path that works best for YOU and don’t be afraid to take risks. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein who said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.”


Kurt Laudicina

Hello, I’m Kurt, the College Success Specialist for the College of Business! I graduated from MSUB with my bachelor’s and master’s degrees after coming here from Rockford, IL. If I’m not working on helping students be the best they can be, you can usually find me outdoors with a camera in tow or out cycling. I also teach a few sections of A&SC 111. I think the best piece of advice for students is taken from a Dr. Seuss quote: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” College is the best time to be you. So get out there and show people who You are.


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