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April 2015

In the Know

April 9: Last Day to Drop Class w/ Advisor & Instructor Approval
April 11: Service Saturday April 24: University Day! No Classes, Offices Open
April 27-30: Finals Week
April 30: Final Day to Withdraw (All Classes, No Refund)
May 1: Residence Halls Close at 12 p.m.
May 2: Commencement at 10 a.m.


Get Involved!

Check out the last Service Saturday of the semester on April 11! You could help at the Wise Wonders Children’s Museum for the Easter Seals Goodwill autism awareness project, contribute to landscaping maintenance with the Better Billings Foundation, or assist with a dodgeball event at the YMCA with the American Cancer Society! Meet in the SUB Atrium at 9:30 a.m. and partake in a service adventure from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Dust off those canned goods to help with the “Cans Around McMullen Food Drive”! Bring non-perishable food items to McMullen Hall on Tuesday, April 7 anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The cans will then be lined around McMullen Hall. Get your club or friends together, as the group who donates the most food will win a pizza party, sponsored by Sodexo. Contact Lacey Mogan in the Office for Community Involvement at (406) 896-5815 for more information.



Book It!

You’re probably buried in books right about now. Sometimes, don’t you want to just scribble all over and make notes on every page? Well… you can! Don’t worry about lowering the price of the book when it comes time to sell it back at the campus store. Write and highlight as needed!


What a relief, right? But there is a condition.


“If a book is water-damaged, it’s non-returnable,” said Lorie Haacke, the General Merchandise Coordinator at the campus store. “This includes rentals.”


If this is your situation, you will be charged the difference between the purchase price and the rental price.


But that’s not the only kicker.


“Let’s say, for example, they purchased a brand-new book and they never used it… and they want to sell it,” Haacke said. “Even though it’s brand-new, they get the same price as if someone sells back a used book. It’s a flat price.”


Are you one of those students who can’t wait to get those books off your hands? Hold your horses. The buyback sale takes place during finals week each semester. So for now, use that book hard… but just don’t place it near a water fountain or your latte from Jazzman’s.




Relax... They're Only Finals!


Believe it or not, you could actually go into your finals feeling prepared and rejuvenated. Check out these tips to make it happen:

1 – Limit screen time. Step away from the computer. Actually, just shut it down… and your phone/tablet/fitness tracker, too. Take a walk or a mini break from the devices that control our lives. Even if you spend five minutes to yourself without the constant updates, you’ll feel much more relaxed when you get back to your digital space.

2 – Jam. Get out that old CD player (if you still have one) or turn up your iTunes. Shut your door and rock out. Do some dancing. Wave your hands and bop your head. (Just don’t give yourself whiplash.) Release that energy, and reap the benefits of exercise, too. We can guarantee you’ll be feeling like your happy self, and you’ll be ready to rock and roll on that big project.*

3 – Journal. Flush out your worries, wishes, and plans. Push those ideas out of your brain so you can focus on your projects at hand. Be sure to revisit what you write at a later date to observe on how you have grown and changed throughout college. Self-reflection can be soothing.

*Editor’s Note: We do not condone jamming out in a public place, such as the classroom where your final will take place. Please find a private place to jam before your big event.




Life After Finals

Admissions and Records will post students' final grades close to May 11. You can access them by logging into your MyInfo account on the MSU Billings website. Follow these directions for details.

Grades are not mailed to students' homes. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restricts university communication about student records to anyone other than the student. Students may grant family members access to their records. Please contact the Office of Admissions and Records at (406) 657-2158 if you would like to pursue this or if you have questions about FERPA.

You can print an unofficial transcript of your grades in MyInfo. You can request an official transcript here or stop by the Admissions and Records Office in McMullen Hall. An official transcript costs $3 and unofficial transcripts are free.



Jacket Fact

Commencement for the first three graduates of Eastern Montana State Normal School took place in March of 1928. MSUB’s commencement this year is Saturday, May 2 at 10 a.m. in Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark (MSUB website).




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Jaclyn Tobin Photo

Wingin' It

Columnist Jaclyn Tobin, Third-Year Yellowjacket


You called it—the time for vacation and a breather is here! There will be no more classes, no more responsibilities, and no more loose ends to tie up! Wait… before you start throwing your textbooks out the window, remember there is a homestretch before us. Here are some tips to making this next month a sigh of relief instead of regret:

  • Pack it up, pack it in: This month will fly by faster than you can say “Last-minute packing,” so make sure you are organizing your belongings now. It will help you when finals, goodbyes, and moving out of the halls hit at the same time.
  • Study with your peeps: May it be the food or the group of friends, invite value into your study sessions. If you study with purpose and focus, you can bring those elements to finals week.
  • Give yourself some time: Saying that this last month is overwhelming may be one of the biggest understatements. You need to be intentional with your sleep schedule, free time, and retreats. You can’t possibly expect to do well on your last stretch of school if you are not doing well. Take care of yourself; that is your responsibility and yours alone!

I wish you the best of luck on your last month of school. Congratulations on making it this far. Now, remember that accomplishment, and let it propel you through this last piece of it. The breather is going to be worth it all!


Contact education major and student leader Jaclyn Tobin.


College Corner

You have discovered more about each College Success Specialist and his or her awe-inspiring collegiate experiences in each issue. Soak it up. You can’t get this kind of quality expertise just anywhere.


By Richard Raridon


Congratulations! You have made it to the end of your first year in college. Now it’s time to spend the next three months lounging around and enjoying your break, right? Wrong! Summer may be a break from classes, but it shouldn’t be a break from being a student. Here is a list of five things you can do this summer to make the most of your time and advance your college career.

  1. Take a summer course. Maybe you failed a class and need to retake it. If you are nervous about a particular class, (cough, algebra, cough), it may be easier to get through while you have fewer distractions. Or maybe you just want to make sure you don’t fall behind schedule and become the next Van Wilder!
  2. Job shadow. Find somewhere that will let you spend some time learning more about your potential career. If you haven’t picked a major yet, you’ll want to do that this fall. If you have decided on a major, it’s a good idea to make sure you are happy with it before you get too far along. Either way, job shadowing is a good way to find out whether a particular job is the right fit for you.
  3. Volunteer. Like job shadowing, volunteering can also be a way to explore potential careers. It is also a great way to gain experience and get a start on filling out your résumé! Of course, it also makes you feel great and helps your community.
  4. Work! Get a summer job and save money. If you didn’t struggle with working too many hours during the school year, you probably know someone who did. Study after study says the same thing: the more hours you work, the lower your grades tend to be. Save as much as you can during the summer so you can work minimally, if at all, during the academic year.
  5. Tutor yourself. If you need to brush up on a particular subject for your major or just want to learn more about something you are personally interested in, there are numerous resources available to help you do so. Check out websites like Khan Academy or watch lectures from schools like MIT and Harvard for free at

Contact Richard Raridon at (406) 794-7475.

Major Decisions


You’re not alone if you’re still deciding the perfect major for you. About two-thirds of all freshmen begin college with no major, and 55 to 60 percent of college students change their major at least once during their college career (Northwest Education Loan Association). What degree are you seeking? Check out some options on the University Campus and at City College:


Certificates are offered at City College for various fields. These typically take two semesters to complete, depending on the program. If you’re looking to add a credential to your résumé or learn new skills, but you’re not quite ready to jump into a degree, then this could be a good possibility for you.


Associate’s degrees are also offered at City College and usually take four semesters to complete. Some programs are part of a 2+2 program, where you can get an associate’s degree at City College and smoothly transition into a four-year bachelor’s degree program at the University Campus.


Bachelor’s degrees are offered through the University Campus at MSUB and typically take about four years to complete, depending on the program. Many times, hiring mangers list a bachelor’s degree as a requirement for obtaining a job, but the specific content area is not always listed. If you’re unsure of a major, consider choosing a broad degree so you’ll have many bases covered.


Graduate degrees, such as master’s or doctoral degrees, are pursued by students who have earned undergraduate degrees. In some cases, people pursue graduate degrees to specialize in a certain field, change career paths, or earn more credentials to move up the ladder or increase their salaries.


Remember, the amount of credits you pass each semester affects the amount of time you can expect to be in a program. Call the MSU Billings Advising Center at (406) 657-2240 to learn more about setting up a plan of study for a specific major. Call the City College Advising Center at (406) 243-3019 if you’re interested in a program offered at City College.


Use the Montana Career Information System software to find out more about areas of study that interest you. MCIS has details about employment factors, such as work environments, market growth, and salary ranges. Log in with this information:

Username: msubillings
Password: plan7ing


Feel free to visit with staff at MSU Billings to debrief the results. We’re on campus all summer, so call if you need us.



Be Money Smart

Elizabeth Almann

Columnist Elizabeth Almann, Financial Education Success Specialist


It’s an eventful time of year in the financial world. You’re finishing up last year’s business and preparing for the upcoming year! But don’t stress. We have resources to guide you.


Financial Tips Videos


Visit Be Money Smart MSUB on Facebook to view video interviews of students from MSUB and other Montana colleges. They’re talking about what they wished they had known about financial aid and paying for college. Also, feel free to check out other MUS videos to learn about the financial aid process and how to manage money.


It’s an eventful time of year in the financial world. You’re finishing up last year’s business and preparing for the upcoming year! But don’t stress. We have resources to guide you.


Financial Tips Videos


Visit Be Money Smart MSUB on Facebook to view video interviews of students from MSUB and other Montana colleges. They’re talking about what they wished they had known about financial aid and paying for college. Also, feel free to check out other MUS videos to learn about the financial aid process and how to manage money.




Don’t Forget the FAFSA!


The deadline for filing federal income taxes is April 15. If you were waiting until after your taxes were complete to file or update your FAFSA for financial aid, now is the time to finish your FAFSA!


If you filed the 2015-16 FAFSA using estimates based on last year’s taxes, log in and update your FAFSA with your 2014 tax information. If the MSUB Financial Aid Office has requested documentation from you, be sure to submit the documentation to the office as soon as possible.


If you haven’t yet started the 2015-16 FASFA, apply online at It’s a free application!


Do you need help completing your taxes so you can just move on with your life? Check out this handy site.


Need Help with your taxes?Have Questions or Need Help?
Contact Financial Education Success Specialist Elizabeth Almann at (406) 657-1795 or visit



That's All Folks!


Congratulations! You’re now considered an experienced Yellowjacket. This is the final issue of The BuzzFeed for the academic year, but you can stay updated on college know-how by bookmarking the First Year Experience website. Keep an eye out for the site’s exciting new videos, which showcase how students are succeeding in and out of the classroom! Consider using this website as a resource as you continue to navigate your college experience at MSUB.


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