We understand new students have a lot of questions on how to do things on campus or on our website.


  • When do I get my refund check?
    Refunds will go out before the first day of classes.

  • Where is McDonald Hall?
    McDonald Hall is home to the College of Business and is located just south of Poly Drive. A sky bridge attaches the parking garage to McDonald Hall.

  • Do you still go to class during finals week?
    Finals week has a different schedule. You will go to your class, but it will probably be at a different day and time than usual.

  • Do I have to move all my stuff out of the residence halls over Christmas break?
    If you’re returning in the spring semester to your room, you do not have to move out your room.

  • Can I stay in the residence halls over Christmas break?
    • Students who are living on campus during the semester preceding the fall break and have signed a contract for the Spring semester may stay in the residence halls during the break for a minimal charge.
    • Students who are involved in misconduct situations during the semester may be denied housing during break periods.  Students are allowed to stay in the residence halls during Thanksgiving Break and spring Break, at no additional charge.  Desk & computer lab hours are extremely limited during holiday breaks.

  • Where do I go to get a workstudy job?
    To be eligible for a workstudy job, you must have been awarded workstudy in your financial aid package.

  • How do I get enrolled for spring classes?
    You will want to meet with your academic advisor each semester to help you select your courses. When spring registration opens, you can enroll in your classes by entering through MyInfo.

  • What is the difference between an advisor and a college success specialist?
    An academic advisor is well versed in course requirements, selection, and scheduling to fulfill graduation requirements. Your College Success Specialist is there to help you succeed in college academically and socially. They are the instructors of A&SC 111 and have relationships with different resources on campus to help you with whatever you need. They are your go-to person in your college and can help you with your transition.

  • Why aren’t there any windows in the LA building?
    There are, they are just hard to see.

  • Can you swim in the irrigation canal on the south side of campus?
    There is no swimming allowed in any of the water features on campus.

  • If I drop a class do I have to pay back financial aid immediately?
    This can be tricky to answer because the answer is it depends. It depends on many different factors. The best way to see how this will affect you is to visit with the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Where can I wash my car?
    There are a number of self-service and full-service car washes in Billings, some close to campus. For example, there is a self-service car wash on Grand Avenue just before 17th Street.

  • Where do I go to set up a bank account?
    There are several banks in Billings, both local banks, regional banks, and national banks. Each bank may have different requirements for setting up accounts so you will want to speak with a representative of the bank of your choice.

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