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November 2013

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Nov. 4: Registration for spring 2014 classes begins
Nov. 11: Veteran's Day
Nov. 16: Service Saturday
Nov. 19: Last day to drop a class with advisor and instructor permission (No Refund)
Nov. 27: Offices open
Nov. 27-Dec. 1: Thanksgiving Holiday - NO CLASSES




Massages on Campus

If your backpack is just a little too hefty this time of year, consider getting a massage. Student Health Services is now offering massages to help students reduce muscle tension and relieve depression and anxiety.


"It's another great way for students to take care of themselves," said Darla Tyler-McSherry, the director of Student Health Services.


Students can have a 20 minute massage for $20 or a 50 minute massage for $40 Wednesdays through Fridays. Payment is due at the time of service.


Check out their new private massage room and other completed remodeling projects at the Student Health Services Open House on November 22 from 3 to 5 p.m. They will also offer door prizes and food.




Climbing Walls Opens!

If you're looking to add an extra challenge to your workout routine, look no further. Check out the new climbing wall in the racquetball court area of the PE Building!


"Enthusiasm for the new wall has been unbelievable," said Aaron Murrish, the assistant director of Rec Activities. "It has been great to see the look on students' faces when they see the wall for the first time."


The climbing wall will open in early November. Roped climbing will take place Monday and Wednesday nights. Bouldering (climbing below 10-12 ft. without ropes) is available during all open hours of Rec Activities. The wall offers approximately 450 square feet of climbing surface area.


Rec Activities and Outdoor Adventure Leadership are handling the operation of the wall and will have staff members present during the roped hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. Direct any questions about the project to Rec Activities at (406) 657-2881.




Getting Organized

Is there a funky smell coming from your backpack? Does your desk have piles of papers? Are you lucky if you can find your book in time for class? Finding a method of organization may be something for you to consider.


1 – Write down each assignment, project, and test for every class for the entire semester in a calendar. You can get this information from your syllabus.


2 – Keep all of your papers for each class in separate folders, notebooks, or binders. Store older papers in a separate folder so you don't have to carry them around every day, but keep them in a safe place for when you need them.


3 – Get your binders, books, calculators, and other items ready the night before so you’re not scrambling for class three minutes before it starts. And clean that backpack!




Scholarship Applications

Avoid boredom during Thanksgiving or Winter Break. Start working on your MSUB online scholarship application. Sell yourself with the 500-word statement. This is your opportunity to shine and stand out from the crowd. Write about your background, as well as your academic and career goals. "Try to bring who you are to life," said Leslie Weldon, the director of Financial Aid and Scholarships at MSUB. "Tell about where you came from, where you're going, and what you plan to do."


Ask up to three people to recommend you for scholarship funds. You could ask a professor, academic advisor, College Success Specialist, or supervisor at work.


Consider asking for the reference before the end of the fall semester so they're not bombarded with requests at the start of the spring semester. It would be great to provide them with a résumé or list of activities, too. Avoid asking high school teachers and former acquaintances to be references. The scholarship selection committee wants to see how you are connected to the campus community.


Be honest. "Do not bolster your application by saying you're involved on campus when you're not," Weldon said. Now is the time to get involved if you aren't engaged in service or if you haven't connected to a student group.


 The priority deadline for scholarship applications is February 1. Check out this link for the online application process.

A Healthier YOU

It’s November. You’re getting into the groove of college. You’re hanging out in the cafeteria and grabbing a few cookies to go. You’re enjoying late-night food deliveries. You’re taking the elevator after that grueling class with the 20-pound text book. One day, you’re putting on a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while, and YIKES! They don’t fit.


"Planning is key," said Student Health Services Director Darla Tyler-McSherry. "Whether you live in the residence halls, in an apartment, or at home, (it's important to have) fresh, lower fat, lower calorie foods available."


 Tyler-McSherry recommended eating fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, like tuna, turkey breast, and chicken breast. She suggested buying portable foods, such as cartons of yogurt, string cheese, and whole grain crackers.


 "Then when you're on the go in between classes, you don't just grab things from the vending machine," she said.


She also said checking your activity level can help you get on track.


"Everything helps," she said. "We have a great fitness center. Even just a 30 minute walk makes a difference."


She said students could walk around the perimeter of campus each day, which is about one mile.


 Tyler-McSherry said exercise isn’t just helpful for weight management. It also improves sleep, depression, anxiety, and stress.


 Student Health Services has a health educator who can make suggestions about students' diets. SHS also has medical advisers and a counseling team.


 Students taking seven or more credits can visit SHS without any money in their pockets, as they have already paid the Student Health Services Fee. Students taking one to six credits can access SHS after paying a fee of $60.25 per semester. Also, even if you have waived the Student Health Insurance option, you can still utilize SHS. Call (406) 657-2153 to make an appointment.



Get Involved!

Student United Way advocates for and volunteers in the areas of education, income, and health. The students are civic leaders and connect to the Billings community and United Way of Yellowstone County. They partner with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County and Tumbleweed Runaway Program. But they also make time for fun at various socials. Join them as they shake their stress away with Zumba® on November 5 at 5:30 p.m. in the PE Building. Or meet the group Tuesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Missouri Room of the SUB. Call the Office for Community Involvement at (406) 896-5817 or email for more information.


Dance off the Freshman 15 with the Dance Club! The group will be learning West Coast Swing in November. They also learn and perform Fox Trot, Salsa, Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha, American Tango, Argentine Tango, East Coast Swing, and others. The group works with West Coast Swing Montana, a nonprofit in Billings. Join the Dance Club Tuesdays between 6:15 and 8 p.m. in the SUB Atrium. The first hour involves lessons and the last hour consists of social dancing. Contact them at or find them on Facebook.



Jaclyn Tobin PhotoWingin' It

BuzzFeed columnist Jaclyn Tobin


Hurray! You made it through midterms! Hopefully you were able to prove your smarts on those tests. The halfway mark is behind us and the finish line is straight ahead. Depending on how well you did at midterms, you might fall into one of the following personality types.*


  • The Smooth-Sailor: You did so well on your midterms that there is no doubt in your mind you’ll pass the courses. Just remember one thing: if you settle for just passing, your motivation will do the same. Stick with it!


  • The Nail-Biter: Let’s be honest; midterms were horrible. They were so horrible that you are looking into retaking some courses and crying through others. Remember something: you still have half the semester to work with. Make it your goal to kick it into gear for the last stretch. You have the time to bounce back; seize it!


  • The Nearly-Goner: You gave up long before the scantrons were passed out. As far as motivation goes, you’re coasting on fumes. So read closely…closer…TIME TO WAKE UP! Now is the time to follow your entire course schedule and (don’t panic) even take notes. Like I told the other guys, you have half a semester to work with. Don’t just take a nap while you whirl around for these next weeks. Bounce back and make something out of the semester!


*Editor's Note: Please visit the Financial Aid Office and the Advising Center if you are in a position where you may need to drop one or more classes.


Each month, English major Jaclyn Tobin will be offering words of advice as an experienced second-year Yellowjacket. If you have questions, send them to her.



The Library: Cutting Edge

By: Brent Roberts, Library Director and Gillette Vaira, College Success Specialist


Trudy Care Photo

Photo courtesy of Brent Roberts

It's Monday at 8 p.m. You're working tirelessly on a research paper, and you have a good two hours to go. Suddenly, you feel a sharp hunger pang. Then, you smell something. You look around and notice other students indulging in chewy, greasy, oh-so-good pizza. That's right! You can order pizza and have it sent straight to the Library at MSUB.


"You can say you need it delivered to the 'Temple of Knowledge' and any pizza place will know where to deliver it," said the director of the Library, Brent Roberts.


Have you always wanted to learn Pirate? "Aye, aye, matey," you say? Learn Pirate and 46 other languages through programs at the Library.


But that's not all. The Temple of Knowledge has more than 300,000 ebooks for scholarly and recreational reading and more than 15,000 audiobooks in a variety of fiction and nonfiction titles. Access millions of ejournal articles. Use the Library's KIC Scanner to modify scanned documents and then push them to your email, Google Drive, or your phone. Check out the small-group study rooms and large-screen monitors with cables to connect your laptops, tablets, iPads, and other devices. Multiple people can plug in at the same time and toggle between screens as you work on group projects and presentations together.


The Library has high-powered information commandos ready to help you 83.5 hours per week.


Monday-Thursday 7:30am-10:00pm
Friday 7:30am-5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 2:00pm-10:00pm
Direct any questions to (406) 657-1662 or email



Academic Integrity: DOs and DONT's

Let's say you're writing a research paper. You've toiled over it for weeks. Your research is complete, and you're just about done with the first draft. But in the back of your mind, you can't help but to wonder if you have done the unthinkable… you're concerned you may have plagiarized.


According to the MSU Billings Code of Student Conduct, plagiarism is defined as "representing the words, data, works, ideas, computer program or output, or anything not generated in an authorized fashion as one's own."


Note these DOs and DON'Ts to avoid getting in hot water.


Do think about your topic. Understand the content.

Don't simply research, copy, and paste.

Don't just retype research word-for-word.

Don't submit the same paper in different classes without permission. This is plagiarism.

Do write your own words to exhibit your understanding of material you have researched. Only use others' words (and cite them) in order to enhance your own writing.

Do identify when you're using someone else's words. You can do this by using quotations or paraphrasing. Also, do list references throughout your work and/or at the end of the assignment.

Do ask your instructor about what kind of citation style he/she prefers. MLA, APA, and Chicago styles are commonly found in college settings.

Do visit the Academic Support Center, Student Opportunity Services, or other tutoring services to have help with citations.

Do find a system of note taking that works for you when researching. Cite your sources as you go in order to stay organized. Ask your College Success Specialist for help in this department.

Visit for more information about the policies at MSU Billings.



Jacket Fact:

The MSUB parking garage located on Poly Drive was built in 1998, adding 500 new parking spots to campus (Yellow-Stone & Blue). MSUB now has 2,437 parking spots on the university campus and 682 spots on the City College campus (University Police).




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