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January 2014

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January 12: Residence Halls Open
January 15: Classes Begin
January 20-24: Power of One Week
January 25: Service Saturday
February 1: Scholarship Application Priority Deadline




Attention Music Lovers

Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your talents while getting involved in the community. Join CLEFS! You don’t even have to be a music major. “You just need to appreciate and love singing,” said Doug Nagel, who is the advisor of the group and an assistant professor of music at MSUB.


CLEFS focuses on community, leadership, education, fundraising, and singing. The student group performs free entertainment at nursing homes, hospitals, and other venues. They will also be hosting a 45-minute spring community tour called “From MET to Broadway.”


Students interested in joining CLEFS need to first sing for Nagel. Contact him at (406) 657-2048 or send him an e-mail. You can also contact the president of CLEFS, Jason Webster. Or visit CLEFS on Facebook.


CLEFS isn’t your only chance to be a part of a vocal group at MSUB. You could register for University Chorus (MUSI 147). It’s a one-credit class that meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2 to 3 p.m. No audition is necessary. “You’re accepted if you can carry a tune,” said Nagel, the instructor of the course. This course also satisfies a general education requirement if you participate for three semesters.




Get Involved!

We don’t have to tell you how important it is to get involved on campus. The connections you’ll make, not to mention the résumé-building potential, make it worth the while. So consider joining the Veteran Students Organization, which is a group of MSUB students who have military backgrounds. They host outdoor activities in the community, such as hiking, and they participate in community service projects. The members help other veterans assimilate and transition from military life to civilian life at MSUB. “They have experience with the process and they like to share that knowledge with new vets to the college,” said the co-advisor for the club, Francisco Saldivar. Contact him at (406) 657-3047 or send him an e-mail to get involved




Money… Who Needs It?

You do. Be financially ready for the 2014-15 academic year by submitting your scholarship application online. The priority deadline is February 1. While you’re at it, start working on your FAFSA. The priority deadline at MSUB is March 1. Remember to file your 2013 taxes early so you can complete FAFSA on time. Winter Break is an excellent time to get this information ready. Call the financial aid office at (406) 657-2188 with any questions.




Jacket Fact

Two Eastern Montana College history professors competed on Jeopardy! in the late 1980s. They won $10,000 and $11,000, plus prizes (Yellow-Stone and Blue, 187).


Welcome to the spring 2014 semester at MSUB, whether you’re joining us for the first time or coming back for a second round! Your College Success Specialist team will be sending you the latest news, helpful tips, and exciting opportunities each month. This is one e-mail you won’t want to delete.

Campus Tours

Finding your way in a new place can sometimes be a daunting task. Catch any of these tours if you’re new to MSUB, coming to the University Campus from City College, or even if you just want to get a better idea of where your classes will be held:

January 13: 10 a.m., 1 p.m.
January 14: 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m.

All tours meet in the New Student and Retention Services office in McMullen 104.



Jaclyn Tobin PhotoWingin' It

BuzzFeed columnist Jaclyn Tobin


Welcome back, guys! Hopefully the long winter break was filled with food, family, friends, as well as some time spent recuperating from a little thing called Finals Week. Now that we’re on this side of the break, don’t stress; this semester comes with a clean canvas. Spring semester is beginning, so let’s start it off great! Although the holiday season is melting away, like the icicles around campus, let’s get into the spirit of readiness for this new semester. I can tell it’s going to be a good one already! So let’s get those new textbooks and positive mindsets to ready us for the last half of freshman year. Here we go!


Each month, English major Jaclyn Tobin will be offering words of advice as an experienced second-year Yellowjacket. If you have questions, send them to her by e-mail.



Veterans’ Services

“I think going back to college is a challenge for anyone,” Veterans Support Coordinator Meridith Cox said. “If it seems strange to come back to school, don’t worry about it because there are people here to help you.”


More than 280 students identify themselves as veterans at MSUB.  The number of Veterans in higher education is expected to double across Montana in the next five years (Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education). Whether students are coming back to school, or are coming to school for the first time, MSUB is preparing to meet the demand by strengthening its veteran support network. That’s why Cox recently came on board to assist veterans with their academic success.


“We’re trying to make sure no one falls through the cracks,” Cox said.


Cox is a Vietnam War veteran who started college while on active duty. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in her early thirties with the help of the GI Bill after serving in the Navy. She said she understands the challenges involved with attending college after life in the military.


“You come back and it’s very hard to pick up the pieces,” she said.
All departments at MSUB are involved with working toward the success of veterans. But Cox and Veterans Affairs Certifying Official, Marilyn Warren, are the two main contacts on campus for veterans.


Warren reports enrollment information to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in order for students to receive their education benefits. She recommends students visit with her as soon as they have registered for classes for the upcoming semester.


“There are certain steps they have to go through to receive their benefits,” Warren said. “It’s not automatic.”


Contact Marilyn Warren at (406) 657-1782 or by e-mail. You can also find her in the Office of Admissions and Records in McMullen Hall.


Contact Meridith Cox at (406) 657-2160 or by e-mail. Her offices are located on the University Campus in the College of Education 119 and Jacket Student Central at City College.



You’ve Got the Power

Meet real-life Coach Herman Boone from the movie, Remember the Titans. Discover issues women and Native Americans are overcoming in the workplace and beyond. Go through the Tunnel of Oppression. You can do all of this and more as MSUB celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy through the Power of One Week, which takes place January 20-24. Check out the complete Power of One Week schedule posted throughout campus when classes begin.



Design Your Space

Imagine yourself a couple of weeks into the semester. You’re running from class to work and then to a meeting. When you finally get home, you have a pile of homework to complete. Decrease distractions in your study environment to make your days less stressful. Consider these tips so you can focus on the tasks that need you most.


1 – Create a work space that fits your personality. Clean off a table or desk. Get a lamp. Have your writing utensils, paper, computer, printer, and other supplies in your designated place. Make the area feel like your own so you will want to spend time there.


2 – Get rid of clutter. Make only one subject or project visible at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


3 – Set a time limit for yourself to pay attention to your children, parents, roommates, pets, or whatever is demanding time from you. You could carve out 30 minutes for them when you get home, and then go into your study space.


4– Check all of your emails, voicemails, texts, social media accounts, and other messages before you start working. Set aside 10 minutes, and then shut them down to lessen the temptation. Your social life will be waiting for you after you finish your homework.


5 – Control your noise. Maybe you need music playing to concentrate, or perhaps any sound distracts you. Get the noise level to your comfort zone before you start studying so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to adjust it.


6 – Prioritize your tasks. Make lists of what needs completed for the day, week, month, and semester. Don’t become a victim of brain drain. Write down what you have to get done so you can mentally move on and focus on your work.

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