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Services for Veterans

"" See also: Military Transcript Evaluation Policy

Veterans' Benefits

To activate your VA Educational Benefits contact the VA Representative in the Admissions and Records office in McMullen Hall.

Marilyn Warren at (406) 657-1782 or
e-mail mwarren@msubillings.edu.

For assistance on the posting of your VA Educational benefits please contact the Business Services office in McMullen Hall.

Mike Morgan at (406) 657-1707 or
e-mail mmorgan@msubillings.edu

For more detailed information about your benefits, please refer to www.va.gov

Veterans' Upward Bound

Veterans' Upward Bound is a Department of Education program designed to help military veterans refresh their academic skills so that they can successfully complete postsecondary education. Services are free to eligible veterans.

(406) 657-2075

Student Veteran Organization

There are many veterans on campus, and they face similar
concerns and challenges as they navigate through the many
steps of enrolling in and attending college. We want to assist
with the environment change and let them know that we are a

Francisco Saldivar (francisco.saldivar@msubillings.edu)
Elizabeth Fullon (efullon@msubillings.edu)

Veterans’ Lounge

Location: B-11 City College, Open: 8-5 Monday - Friday

  • Meet other vets, relax, hang-out, study and be a part of our
    campus community.
  • You do not have to be a member of the Veteran Student
    Organization to use the lounge.

Financial Aid

To download and apply for the VETERANS' FEE WAIVER please go to www.msubillings.edu/finaid/forms.htm and click on the Veteran Tuition Waiver Application under the "Miscellaneous Forms" heading at the bottom of the page.

You can also apply for Federal Financial Aid by going to www.fafsa.ed.gov. The school code for MSU Billings is 002530. Scholarships are also available for those reserves who have seen active duty and qualify. The deadline is June 15. For information please go to:

(406) 657-2188

Prior Learning Assessment

Further ways of earning credit include departmental challenges (Modern Language, for instance), Prior Learning Assessment, and credit awarded for military experience or programs accredited through the American Council on Education (ACE) and the National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI).

Questions may be directed to:

Sarah Brockel at (406) 657-1747 or
e-mail sbrockel@msubillings.edu
Admissions and Records


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Disability Support Services

If you have a documented physical or learning disability and need accommodations in the classroom or on campus please contact our Disability Support Services Office.

Trudy Carey at (406) 657-2283 or
e-mail tcarey@msubillings.eduwww.msubillings.edu/dss

Student Opportunity Services

Student Opportunity Services (SOS)/TRiO is a Federally funded TRiO program. SOS/TRiO provides support for students seeking academic development, and assists students with basic college requirements by motivating students toward successful completion of their college

(406) 657-2162

Online Degrees / Programs

Maybe you are place bound or maybe the idea of taking a class whenever you want appeals to you. No Problem. We have more than 240 classes and over 15 degree programs you can enroll in online. In fact, MSU Billings is Montana’s leader in online higher education.

Kurt Laudicina at (406) 896-5911 or
e-mail klaudicina@msubillings.edu

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