Kyra Merchen

New Student Specialist
Hometown: Laurel, MT
Geographic area of responsibility: Eastern Montana, Central Montana, Northern Wyoming
Degree: B.A. Communication Studies with a Minor in BiologyUniversity of Montana

What do you love about Montana?

I love how friendly everybody is here in Montana. No matter where you go people are willing to help, say hello, and make you feel welcome which truly makes the state such an amazing place. It is also such a large state that can instantly feeling smaller when those around you reach out.

My best advice to future Yellowjackets would be:

Get involved in the campus community. In college it can be easy to isolate yourself, but joining various student organizations helps you learn new things about yourself. In college you can play intramural sports, take part in a read club, and join anything else that interests you. College is a time to learn new things, and find what sparks your passions. The best way to figure all of this out is to get involved.

Favorite place to hang out in Billings?

My favorite place to hang out in Billings is Zoo Montana. I love how peaceful the grounds are, and the animals are very interactive. My favorite animal are the Otters because you can watch them swim underwater, and they like to play games with guests. 

 What do you love most about MSU Billings?

I love that City College is a small community under MSU Billings. Both campuses have different vibes, and students yet succeed at joining the two areas together. It really is a unique community that focuses on serving all students, and hopes to see them be successful following their time with us.

I would like more information about the University or City College.


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