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Teacher Licensure Assoc. Cert. Master
Accounting Assistant O             Accounting Assistant Certificate of Applied Science  
Accounting Technology O           Accounting Associate Degree    
Administrative Assistant           Administrative Assistant Associate Degree    
Allied Health           Allied Health Associate degree    
Applied Psychology           Applied Psychology Associate degree    
Applied Science O Applied Science Major              
Art Art Major Art Minor     Art Teaching Licensure      
Athletic Training               Athletic Training masters degree
Automobile Collision Repair Technology             Automobile Collision Repair Technology Certificate of Applied Science degree  
Automobile Collision Repair & Refinishing           Automobile Collision Repair & Refinishing Associate degree    
Automobile Refinishing Technology             Automobile Refinishing Technology Certificate of Applied Science degree  
Automotive Technology           Automotive Technology Associate degree degree Automotive Technology Certificate of Applied Science  
Biology Biology Major Biology Minor     Biology - teacher licensure      
Biology - Environmental Sciences     Biology - Environmental Sciences option          
Biology - Medical Lab Science     Biology - Medical Laboratory Science option          
Broadfield Science Broadfield Science  Major       Broadfield Science Teacher Licensure      
Business Administration (major in one of these options) Business Administration Major Business Administration Minor       Business Administration Associate degree O    
Business - Accounting O   Business - Accounting Minor Business Administration Major - Accounting Option          
Business - Finance   Business - Finance Minor Business Administration Major - Finance Option          
Business - General Business O     Business Administration Major - General Business option          
Business - Information Systems   Business - Information Systems Minor Business Administration Major - Information Systems Option          
Business - Management     Business Administration Major - Management Option          
Business - Marketing   Business - Marketing Minor Business Administration Major - Marketing Option          
Coaching   Coaching Minor            
Chemistry Chemistry Major Chemistry Minor     Chemistry - teacher licensure      
Communication Arts (major in one of these options) Communication Arts Major              
Communication Arts - Mass Comm O   Communication Arts - Mass Comm Minor Communication Arts major - Mass Comm Option          
Communication Arts - Organizational Comm O   Communication Arts - Organizational Comm Minor Communication Arts major - Organizational Comm Option          
Communication Arts - Theatre   Communication Arts - Theatre Minor Communication Arts major - Theatre Option          
Computer Desktop/Network Support           Computer Desktop-Network Support Associate degree    
Computer Programming & Application Development           Computer Programming and Application Development Associate degree    
Computer Science   Computer Science Minor            
Computer Systems Technology           Computer Systems Technology Associate degree    
Construction Technology - Carpentry           Construction Technology-Carpentry Associate degree Automotive Technology Certificate of Applied Science  
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Major Criminal Justice  Minor       Automotive Technology Associate degree degree    
Diesel Technology           Diesel Technology Associate degree Diesel Technology Certificate of Applied Sciencee  
Drafter (Assistant)             Assistant Drafter Certificate of Applied Science  
Drafting & Design Technology           Drafting and Design Technology Associate degree    
Early Childhood Studies   Early Childhood Studies Minor            
Earth Science   Earth Science Minor            
Education           Education Associate degree   Master in Education degrees
Elementary Education Elementary Education Major       Elementary Education - teacher licensure      
English English Major English Minor     English - teacher licensure      
Environmental Science           Environmental Science Associate degree    
Environmental Studies Environmental Studies Major Environmental Studies Minor            
Exercise & Sport Leadership               Master of Science Interdisciplinary Studies Exercise and Sport Leadership Option degree
Fire Science           Fire Science Associate degree    
General Studies           General Studies Associate degree    
Geography   Geography Minor            
Health Administration O Health Administration Major             Health Administration Masters degree
Health & Human Performance Health and Human Performance Major       Health and Human Performance - teacher licensure      
Health & Wellness     Health and Human Performance Major - Health Promotion Option          
Human Performance     Health and Human Performance Major - Human Performance Option          
Health Education   Health Education Minor            
History History Major History Minor     History - teacher licensure      
Human Resources - College of Business Articulated Emphasis O           Human Resources - College of Business Articulated Emphasis Associate degree    
Human Resources-General Applied Emphasis O           Human Resources - General Applied Emphasis Associate degree degree    
Human Resource Management O             Human Resource Management Certificate of Applied Science  
Human Services Human Services Major              
International Studies   International Studies Minor            
Liberal Studies O Liberal Studies Major              
Mathematics Mathematics Major Mathematics Minor     Mathematics - teacher licensure      
Medical Administrative Assistant           Medical Administrative Assistant Associate degree    
Medical Coding & Ins. Billing O             Medical Coding and Insurance Billing Certificate of Applied Science  
Music Music Major Music Minor     Music - teacher licensure      
Music - Business Track Music Major - Business Track              
Music Performance     Music Major - Music Performance Option          
Native American Studies   Native American Studies Minor            
Networking Technology           Networking Technology Associate degree Networking Technology Certificate of Applied Science  
Nursing L.P.N.           Nursing L.P.N. Associate degree    
Nursing R.N.           Nursing R.N. Associate degree    
Office Assistant             Office Assistant Certificate of Applied Science  
Outdoor Adventure Leadership Outdoor Adventure Leadership Major              
Paramedic           Paramedic Associate degree    
Philosophy   Philosophy Minor            
Philosophy - Religious Studies   Philosophy - Religious Studies Minor            
Physics   Physics Minor            
Political Science Political Science Major Political Science Minor     Political Science Teacher Licensure      
Power Plant Technology           Power Plant Technology Associate degree    
Pre-Dental Hygiene       Pre-Dental Hygiene Program        
Pre-Engineering       Pre-Engineering Program   Pre-Engineering Associate degree    
Pre-Engineering Technology       Engineering Technology Program        
Pre-Law       Pre-Law Program        
Pre-Medicine       Pre-Medicine Program        
Pre-Nursing       Pre-Nursing Program        
Pre-Pharmacy       Pre-Pharmacy Program        
Pre-Physical Therapy       Pre-Physical Therapy Program        
Process Plant Technology           Process Plant Technology Associate degree    
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Psychiatric Rehabilitation Major              
Psychology Psychology Major Psychology Minor           Psychology Masters degree
Public Administration               Public Administration Masters degree
Public Relations O Public Relations Major             Public Relations Masters degree
Radiologic Technology           Radiologic Technology Associate degree    
Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling O               Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Masters degree
Rehabilitation & Related Services Rehabilitation and Related Services Major         Rehabilitation and Related Services Associate degree    
Sociology Sociology Major Sociology Minor            
Spanish Spanish Major Spanish Minor     Spanish - teacher licensure      
Special Education Special Education Major       Special Education - teacher licensure     Special Education Masters degrees O
Statistics   Statistics Minor            
Surgical Technology           Surgical Technology Associate degree    
Sustainable Energy Technician             Sustainable Energy Technician  
Welding & Metal Fabrication Technology           Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology Associate degree Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology Certificate of Applied Science  
Welding for Energy Technology             Welding for Energy Technology Certificate of Applied Science  
Women's Studies   Women's Studies  Minor            

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